Sunday, May 31, 2009

And the winner is...

A 2009 Honda CRV-EXL...
All things said, out of the worst case scenario of an accident, we made the best of it. I drove some bigger SUV/minivan deals and frankly, I felt too small. Yes, I sat high, but I was like a speck inside. This CRV fits me much better, has room for baby and two dogs, and has excellent safety and reliability ratings. PLUS we were shopping on the last day of the month (didn't plan that) and the dealer basically said, "We have 9 cars to sell. What do we have to do to sell you this car?" John said, "Good luck...we have a specific payment we want and I doubt you'll get that without giving us a 10 year loan, ha ha." (Which, we OF COURSE would not take)
Well, they worked some numbers out and told us to go to lunch and think about it. At lunch, we looked at the paperwork we'd researched and called the other dealer we had planned on visiting. The other dealer told us it was very aggressive, the first dealer was obviously trying to sell us a car, and it was going to be tough to beat it, but they could go a bit lower. So, we went back to the dealer, told them that we could go to this other dealer and get this price, but if they gave us X, we'd stay. The dealer did not know how the other dealer had offered to go a bit lower (when talking to the other dealer, I actually gave him a price that was LOWER than the one the original dealer offered to see what he could really do...seemed to work) but he said he'd figure out some numbers. Well, lo and behold, they could do it! (Which is good, actually, because the other dealer didn't have the color John wanted--the one we were driving was the one that John really wanted anyway!)
So, long story short, we got a brand new car with all the bells and whistles we wanted for what we originally were looking at with some used car prices. Very pleased, all in all, and for the first time in years, I actually feel like WE were the ones getting the good deal...not the dealer, not the builder, etc...not glad that the economy stinks, but FOR ONCE it worked in our favor.
After the whole-day ordeal, we were treated to dinner by my aunt and uncle, whom we assessed I hadn't seen in probably 4-5 years--FAR too long considering they only live about an hour and a half away. It was VERY nice to see them again, and we absolutely will be better about keeping in touch. One of the best parts was my uncle telling me that he could see more of my mom's side of the family traits on me as I get older. Talk about needing to hear you have an identity with which you can belong...because on the other side of the day was lovely (NOT) conversation in which all signs point to the severing of ties with my dad. His choice, not mine.
Thank you, Uncle Michael and Aunt Carol. You made my night and reminded me I DO have family.


  1. Love the Honda (three of the four cars I've owned have been Hondas...going from sporty to, well, not so sporty). Congrats on the great deal! I'm going to email you back later when I can sit down and write you a long one.

  2. You are the queen of negotiation! Congrats and I love the car. Way to make lemonade, my friend.

  3. Love the car. You go girl!
    Sorry about the crapola with your Dad. Seriously, there's some crazy vibes going on, universe off kilter, too many people taking the crazy pill. What gives!
    oh oh oh, my word verification is: herspa!
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