Thursday, May 14, 2009


I got a call from the genetic counselor we saw last week when we had our first trimester screening. Our nuchal translucency test was great--the skin fold measurement was 1 mm...which is perfect, as the sono tech said! They also figured in that measurement with my age and some blood taken for a determinant of our chances for Trisomy 18 or Down's. Based solely on my age, the chances for Molly to have Trisomy 18 were 1/500. Figure in my blood and the baby's skin fold measurement and they went down to 1/580. The results for Down's were a little different. Based solely on my age, the chances for Molly to have Down's were 1/140. Figure in my blood and the skin fold measurement and they went down to 1/170--which is good--both numbers went down. The thing with the Down's assessment is that the odds the lab looks for to base whether an amnio is done are 1/220. Apparently I have a little lower level of some hormone PAPP-A that sometimes indicates a greater risk of Down's. I had a great-aunt with Down's, but other than that, there's no family history. I'm not the least bit worried about this because overall, the chances for Molly to have Down's went DOWN and based on that 1/170, there's still a 99% chance that she will be perfectly healthy. Good enough for me. The counselor said that at the next ultrasound on July 2, they will be able to more closely look at anatomy and look for physical characteristics that may indicate any chromosomal abnormalities. IF at that point, things look strange, we can opt for an amnio should we chose. I can tell you now, we will choose not.

If we have a child with Down's Syndrome, that's what will be. Why risk the amnio if it won't change our decision about anything?

Besides, I highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt that will happen, and the counselor seemed to be of the same opinion.

On another 'results' note--I am not sure exactly since we are sort of out of the Kyrgyz loop, but based on friends' postings and statuses...things don't look good and nothing is looking like it will happen until at least after September or October....My heart is breaking for all these families. Whether you know of them or not, whether you follow them or not--they are separated from their children and their hearts are heavy. If you will, when you read this, will you remember them in your prayers? Remember their children far from home. Pray for their peace and pray for the decision makers in Kyrgyzstan to keep the children at the forefront of decisions.


  1. Thank you Lori for all of your thoughts and prayers regarding our babies. I'm continuing to keep you and Miss Molly in my prayers and hope your pregnancy continues to sail right along smoothly.

  2. Wonderful news!
    And those parents and their children are in our prayers. I feel so fortunate to have gotten Beck home when we did. I pray that to powers in KG open their eyes and hearts.

  3. I bet you had a great Mother's Day and just wait until nect year with your Molly! So happy for you. What an encouragement to see that you are standing firm through required testing and know that you will love your baby just as she is! They do put all sorts of thoughts in our heads with all the tests but then the babies are usually born with none of the problems they test for! So rest your mind and enjoy your preggo self!

  4. Molly's numbers look awesome and no matter what, she'll be perfect because she'll be yours.

    We all love those children and families who are waiting...lots of prayers.