Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby 'M'....

Well, that's what I've decided to call Baby. Either way, boy or girl, 'M' will stand for Molly (Jane) or 'M' will stand for Matthew (as in John Matthew). I have to say, I'm dying to know which one, but as this is only 11 weeks (today!) we will have to wait for about 7-9 more weeks...if M cooperates. Being his daddy's child, he'll probably hide and keep his agenda secret. Then again, being his mommy's child, he may bare all to make sure I am good and ready right down to the last detail. (Yes, I realize that was a little dig at John's penchant for secret agendas, but seriously, if the shoe fits....)

I imagine it was the hormones, but I have to say that this morning, as I had my head flipped upside down and was drying my hair (that's what curly girls have to do to get volume, you know...don't know what I'm going to do when my tummy's too big to do that!), I was just overcome with love for this baby. I started crying. Seriously. I was just consumed with love and worry and fear and apprehension and an unbelievable urge to protect this little baby...I could hardly finish drying my hair. Heck, it was so strong that I almost stopped and came down to blog really quickly just to remember how strong this feeling was. (John being gone and me having to take care of the dogs didn't leave much spare time to do that, though.)

So...I'm doing it now. Little M, you are loved, loved, loved, loved and loved some more. I already can't imagine my life without you.


  1. Whew! For a moment I thought "M" might stand for "Moose knuckle"! Yikes!
    Don't you just love that wave that washes over you, all warm and fuzzy and full of love! It never ends. The waves just get bigger and bigger.

  2. Um, we girls with straight thin hair do that too...don't think you're special (note the sarcasm as I can't do the little smiley face thing).

    And he IS loved...you'll feel that emotion at random times from here on out. It's amazing.

    And I love the names too! Matthew is my brother (and nephew's middle) name.

  3. awesome... there was never any doubt that baby M was loved beyond anything.... Love it!!