Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Expiration Encroaches...

Dorky title, I know, but you know how I love alliteration!!

So...while finally joining the world of Facebook this morning (like I need any more reasons to sit at my computer) I was greeted with several "hellos" from friends! Monica thankfully reminded me that not only would my medical expire soon, my marriage certificate and authentications (done back in FEBRUARY!) would as well. Then, sweet as she is, she offered to go pick them up for me, as she is close to the vital records office in VA. Unfortunately, immediate family only. We decided that checking herself as "sister" was not worth the felony charge! (Umm...judge, it was all for the babies, really....) Soooo...now I am going to sit down and figure out if it is worth the gas to go and pick them up myself (not too far from me either, in reality) or pay the bazillion dollars like I did last time for the convenience. I'm leaning toward heading to Richmond tomorrow. I only have a little bit of time left before school starts back again anyway...not to mention that I am totally using my days to catch up on sofa lounging, Days Of Our Lives and marathons of Jon and Kate Plus 8 (LOVE THEM!) instead of being productive. I might as well force myself to get some things done! Now, as I sit here and type, I am on the phone trying to find out whether or not our FBI cards have gotten there or not and when they will come...For the record, the option that my agency sent in the directions is NOT the correct option anymore...I love how every automated message requires you to listen to "listen to all options before making your selection, as our menu has changed." Apparently, every automated menu on the planet changes constantly. That's just to stop people like me who constantly hit *0* over and over until they get customer service. The FBI lady just answered and said I would probably be better off waiting until Friday to find out when my print cards will be sent out. I hope that means that they will be out by next week..that will coincide perfectly with our social worker coming back and the home study package changes. I see my allergist on Thursday, who will hopefully refer me to another doctor so I can have medical cert. renewal lined up...I know that's coming. Guess I ought to get hopping...my list is piling up as I type :)

*UPDATE* I just checked online with FEDEX and my package was received on Friday morning-the woman I spoke with earlier thought it was received on Monday and therefore would not be in the system yet. She said to give it 2-3 business days which would be today or tomorrow...that said, I will call again tomorrow, probably as I am on my way to Richmond to pick up marriage certificates. And, I can check clean out cabinets off my list--I may have spent the day in shorts and a t-shirt, but I got *ugh* stuff done!

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