Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Okay, Okay...not a lot of time to gab--just got in very late last night; forgive me, rather early this morning and have a TON to catch up with, clean up, etc...

One of those things to catch up on was mail....We had a boat load. The post office had to send me out with a cart (okay, several boxes were shopping boxes...) and one of those big US Post Office white plastic boxes. I have been hoping and praying that our Immigration approval would come while we were gone, and as I carefully went through each piece of mail (nope, I didn't dig through--I savored the anticipation) I kept looking. I came across some letter that said our approval had been forwarded to the appropriate embassy, and they would notify us when the adoption interview would take place -- in Almaty--for her Visa!! Of course, I freaked out, knowing the approval had to have been granted and was in the box! I kept going one by one...bill, magazine, credit card app, magazine, catalog, credit card app, etc....I started worrying because I was nearly at the bottom. Finally, I just had to look for it....lo and behold, from the Department of Homeland Security--ta da! "It has been determined that you are able to furnish proper care to an orphan or orphan, etc..." I have our I-797C! Now, to be truthful (and sound ignorant) I thought the paper we were looking for was some I-171H or something, but this is going to work for me, and I'm not questioning! And SOO QUICK! Our homestudy was sent on June 13, it was approved in Baltimore on June 19, and postmarked the 21st!!! Just a couple of days after I left for Europe!! I just feel so grateful because I know others are still waiting for theirs and have waited a lot longer than us! So...glad to be home, glad to have had a great trip and GLAD to live in the great state of Maryland, where the paperwork has flown!!!

Woo Hoo!!


  1. Glad to know you made it home safely and such a great thing to have the approval in the mail waiting for you! That's interesting that it wasn't actually the I-171H. Hmmm...wonder why?

  2. you are lucky i am still waiting on mine ! congrats ready to send the dossier !!

  3. Awesome news!! That was a fast turn around. We finally got word of ours - still haven't received it yet. It's been over 3 months!!


  4. Congratulations, Lori! I know this is one major hurdle to get over in your journey to bringing home your little girl! So glad you got home safely. :)

  5. Wow that was fast!We just recieved ours and it took four months!It really feels better then Christmas just to get USCIS approval.We are on the way!