Friday, July 18, 2008

Speed is in the eye of the beholder...

Hip hip hooray! We don't need to get fingerprints done for the FBI clearance because we have cards that we did months ago and never sent since Maryland did FBI clearance as part of their home study process (again, long live Maryland...I give credit when credit is due!) and we just have to send them to the Clarksburg, WV office rather than the Pikesville, MD office. No biggie!

I also just spoke with our WONDERFUL social worker and though they need to redo the home study package because the cover sheet will be different and the notary dates will be different, she will do that as soon as she gets back from vacation at the beginning of August--which, hopefully, will be the exact same time we get our FBI clearance and then all I have to do is certify, authenticate and MAIL! Now that the Kyrgz embassy is accepting our dossiers again, I'm so excited!! Things (for now, we know that changes!) seem to be moving right along and my hope is that our 'wait' will begin at the beginning of August!! Things seem to be so slow, but then I look at all that has happened since just the end of February and I feel like we have been pretty blessed in how things are going...minus, of course, the few hiccups (checklist changing, gas pumps breaking, home study wording freak-outs, month-long vacations--although I can NOT claim a great vacation as a hiccup!) that have come along the way. So....just chugging along.

In sad news, Nanci, of Nanci's Nikes moved today! I did my best not to cry, but then came right in the house and cried to John on the phone! That's the tough part of the Marine Corps--for spouses, at least. The guys have their worlds in tact, for the most part, when they move to new duty stations. Their colleagues tend to be the same, their friends are their colleagues, their networks are all the same, jobs are waiting for them, etc...for us spouses, it is not that way! We have to make new friends, adjust to new groups of spouses (though as we get further along in the Marine Corps, lots of faces thankfully turn up again in different squadrons!), find new jobs, find places to shop, and make yet another place a new 'home.' Not to mention, we grieve over what was loved and left behind. It stinks. The older I get the more I realize that finding people who you really feel you connect with, vice are acquaintances with, is harder and harder. Throw in the fact that when you finally get those connections and then you have to leave them or let them go, and it really stinks. So. I just am not going to say good-bye anymore. I have wonderful friends who are really more like family that I have had for YEARS through different duty stations, and though we can't hop in the car for coffee any more, we have email and blogs and visits that keep them close. So, Nanci, you will be missed, but like I said--it's not good-bye! Safe travels and I'll keep 'that' house ready for you :)

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