Thursday, July 24, 2008

No news news...

Well, nearly a week of my 'real' life and not much to report. The FBI clearance cards are on their way and as of now, just waiting until our SW gets back and gets the new home study packet. Well, not the 'new' packet, but the 'clarified' packet. Ha ha...that's a little reference to our agency sending an email telling us AGAIN that we no longer need a couple of the letters that we needed originally (and were pains in the bottom to begin with)...the email was quick to make it known that it was not a new change, just a clarification of the new changes. Whatever...I will just be glad to get all this done. I was just SURE that I would have all this done by the time I went back to school, but at this rate? Hmmm...I have a workshop that I signed up for (what was I thinking?) that is a week long and the week before we go back to school, so my clock is running short.

So, in the meantime, I have decided on a Britax car seat (if you know of them on-sale, let me know!! The Target ones Maria mentioned are nowhere to be found right now) and probably a Peg Perego high chair (not locked in, though--any suggestions?) but have no thoughts on stroller systems, or, forgive me, Pram systems :) I am also unsure of diaper systems. I am waffling between BumGenius and BabyG (though John is NOT fond of either---worried about having to "scrape poop into the toilet,") I have decided that I want bright pink and green and turquoise colors (I know, I know...a calm nursery is probably better for sleep, but I'm hoping to create a diva) so maybe over the Christmas break I'll start the REAL decorating. Daddy already has the plans for the rocking horse, and other than not having even a "paper baby (love that, Jen!)" I'm set! Ha ha.

For real, though, here are a couple of cute websites if you are interested in any cute little baby shower gifts. The first one is from the mother of one of my sweet little girls--Shannon makes the CUTEST little bibs/burp cloths/ bags, etc...I have been lucky enough to receive some (as well as great hand-me-downs) and she has the sweetest fabric! Check her out: The second one is from my dear friend in Pensacola, aka Titanium Woman, and she is just so crafty I can't believe it! I love Jenny's creativity, but better yet, I love the girlie girl stuff! The last one (for now) is the site of a very talented woman and friend--and new mom! She just brought her daughter Maria home from Ethiopia, and she makes FABULOUS memory quilts. I am amazed. If you get the chance, check out her stuff!

Okay...enough for now. I am ALL about giving props to your peeps, though (too many daytime tv commercials) and these gals are talented. If anyone else has something they do that might be great for babies/family, let me know. I'm shameless about plugging for friends!

Oh, and TOTALLY kidding about creating a diva. One in the house is enough. And for the record, I am talking about DIXIE!

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