Friday, July 11, 2008

Consistent, yet not so used..

Well, consistent internet access does not necessarily guarantee that I will get around to blogging. In fact, there's so much that goes on, I really find that blogging it all would just take so much time--I carry with me always when I travel a travel journal, and I try to write in it pretty much every day. Then to blog again seems not only redundant, but a little pompous in considering that my adventures are worth me rereading again, much less anyone else who stumbles along here and reads my rambles. So...

The first couple days back were chores, laundry, rest. Then, on Wednesday, John, mom, my nephew Zach and I went to Salzburg, Austria. I had been there before, for New Year's 2002, and it was a magical winter fairy tale. I didn't want to mar that image. Mom, however, had not ever been, so we took a trip and I was again not disappointed by Salzburg. THIS time, I talked John into a Sound of Music Tour (thanks to mom who also wanted to) and even he agreed it wasn't that bad. I LOVE the Sound of Music, by the way, my all time favorite, so it was a glorious day. Beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery...I now have a winter fairy tale memory and a glorious summer memory that just have made my trip! On our way back yesterday, we got stuck in the dreaded staus...but thankfully, driving on the Autobahn enabled John to make up time for getting stuck :) He was quite happy with the speed ability, but ever the test pilot, cautious when he felt it would be easy to lose control.

He leaves tomorrow, VERY early, and then mom and I leave on Tuesday. Where has a month gone? I'm looking forward to getting back, though, to get the adoption road back open.

Today is my brother's 28th birthday and would have been my mother's 60th birthday. Bittersweet for both accounts. My beloved grandmother was 60 when I was born. Actually, she turned 60 5 days after I was born and always said I was a great gift for her. If my mom was alive today, she too would be 60 when her granddaughter was born. (Hopefully!) It breaks my heart that my little girl will not get hugs and kisses from my mom. Maybe she's getting them right now before she makes her entrance into our world somewhere, and hopefully, somewhere soon.

Happy birthday, Jimmy, wherever you are. Happy birthday mom. I miss you.


  1. Oh gosh Lori I know your woes about missing family. Maybe someday you will be able to share your life with your brother. And as a Mom I just KNOW that your mom would LOVE that you are getting to celebrate HER birthday while on such a fabulous vacation. I'm sure she's thrilled that you have had such an opportunity and is hand-picking the perfect babe for you!

    I miss you so hurry HOME now!

  2. hello lori, i wrote you an email today but it is coming back to me !
    i am sorry for your mom, my mom passed away 2 years ago same time :(
    they are watching us ...
    talk to you soon