Saturday, July 12, 2008

Well, expenses have just doubled...

Okay, I realize that no one has died, but we had a tragedy yesterday, at least in our opinion.

We got back from Salzburg, and John began packing for his trip back home. He couldn't find his watch. At first, this did not bother me. When the search continued, to no avail, I worried. Before I sound petty, let me say that in light of the fact that we are saving pennies (I know this trip doesn't make it seem like that, but we have family to stay with, frequent flier miles we were lucky enough to use and a generous mom who funded the bulk of the trip) for our adoption, to lose this watch is a big blow to us.

It is a watch that I saved a LOT of money for to surprise John with last year--our 10th anniversary and his graduation of Test Pilot School gift. It was a discontinued, very cool model of a Breitling watch, and I'll just suffice things to say that it could cover our airfare for trip one to Kyrgzystan.

We have turned this house UPSIDE DOWN. We have unpacked and repacked bags, looked in every nook and cranny we can find in our niece's room (the room we've been staying in) and pulled our hair out to find that watch. It is not only confounding, it is just heartbreaking for me to watch John...for me, it's just a thing (okay, I am trying to be noble here, it is more than just a thing, but....) but I can just feel the sickness in the pit of John's stomach not being able to find it. To quote him, "Well, our expenses for this trip have just doubled.", no one died (as mom reminded John when she told him to stop moping about it) but John had a rough day yesterday and we just pray that when we unpack at home or Amy cleans up after us here, it will pop up.

In addition to the rough day, he got up at 4 am to drive to Ramstein and catch the MAC flight back to BWI. Well, the information he got was wrong--all that was available was a flight to McGuire Air Force Base--in NJ. He would have to take that, then rent a car to drive home. Well, turns out THAT flight was commandeered for troops to Iraq and he can't leave until tomorrow am. Crossing our fingers for that one!


  1. Oh no! That really stinks to lose something so special and expensive. Hopefully it will be found. Could any insurance cover the cost if it's never found?

    Looking forward to talking to you soon.... what did you think of A's adoption journey video? It's kindof depressing to me that even SHE would have such major bumps in the road during her process. I know it's a different country and their embassy issues probably were some unique situation but it still makes me think we're all going to continue to go thru such HIGHs and LOWs and it hurts just thinking about the unforeseen hardships we probably have lying ahead of us. Okay I know that sounds NEGATIVE... I hope it IS just negative thinking and not reality. I'm majorly looking forward to the HIGHs and the BEAUTIFUL reward we'll get to LOVE forever once we get thru this so it IS all worth it!

    wishing you safe travel home!

  2. Lori, that really stinks! I know how much it meant to John. I hope it's just tucked away somewhere at Amy's house and will eventually be found.

    I know yesterday was difficult day anyways and I'm praying God is continually bringing you the comfort that only He can give.

    Enjoy your last few days. I pray for a safe, non-eventful trip home!! :)