Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost disaster...

Well, yesterday was a disaster. Thankfully, through the new friends I have made who are going through the same thing, I learned that our home study had to say some pretty specific things (rather, not say, I guess) so it would be acceptable to Kyrgyzstan. As one not known to be keen of omitting anything for fear it will come back and bite me in the butt, well...without going into all the specifics, (church, discipline and the way I grew up) let's just say I was devastated. Yesterday, I was contemplating Albania as a back-up country. I cried. I cried more.

I did call our agency, and the caseworker in charge while our original caseworker is out on leave was very helpful. She explained a lot, and gave suggestions for wording, which I promptly sent to our social worker. Who...if I haven't already mentioned, is PHENOMENAL. She emailed me back and told me not to fret--by doing what's in her families' best interests, she is doing what's in the best interest of children, because we would not be approved families if she didn't believe we would put the interests of the adopted children to be first and foremost. So, I am feeling much better. And still believe our daughter is coming from Kyrgyzstan.

Today, one of my parents brought in a whole bunch of things her daughter has outgrown and they are SO sweet! My favorite is the sweet little ladybug Halloween costume. Here's crossing fingers KGB will fit! What a sign, huh? At least I am taking it that way!


  1. hello lori,
    we went through the same not too long ago. and our uscis papers came back because we forgot the finger print money ! one more week !!
    write to me at
    have a great weekend nina

  2. Oh man! I had similar issues with our homestudy. We were blindsided and went through a couple of rough days!

    Stick with it!