Saturday, April 26, 2008

Don't let the flu bug hit ya on the way out...

Wow. Amazing how one minute you can feel fine and the next minute your entire body feels like your skin is crawling and you are about to literally lose the entire contents of the last 27 meals you ate (or tried to eat) in one fell swoop.

That was me last night. I haven't been feeling that hot the last day or two--and I am pretty much attributing that to stress. Last night, though, I got the chills, couldn't stop shivering, ached and moaned. I took some Tylenol and fell asleep finally, and feel a bit better this morning. This nasty 24 hour flu-like stomach bug was running rampant at school last week and it would SO be my luck to get it.

John got up early this am to do our neighborhood cleanup and called to tell me he was bringing me back a caramel macchiato from Starbucks. He really must be worried about me!

Still no news from our agency other than there are two dossiers in the embassy and one being authenticated. Speaking of that...I wish I had done a bit more research into that whole process. I live an hour and 10 minutes from DC. I had planned to do all that authentication. I thought that's what people did. Well, apparently our agency does it. Rather, they use someone along the lines of Stork Assistant or something like that. Which is fine, if you are out in Illinois or California. I'm HERE, though. And I have to pay heavy duty money to have someone else do the same thing I can do. I know several people who have taken all their dossiers to the State Department for authentication on their own. That's not the way our agency works, though. And that's fine...I just wish I had looked into what that was all about a bit more because that's something I was relying on being a plus of living in the DC suburbs--ah well, maybe it's lots more complicated than I think it is. For our friends who went through Guatemala and Ethiopia, it didn't seem that big a deal, but maybe now it is.

I have been amazed at how many people actually look at this and read this blog, but want to say thanks and welcome to all! I love 'meeting' all these new people!!

Oh, and one more thing...the 'sperm donor,' as I affectionately (not really) call him, is Indian. Which, for those of you interested in the answers to the "What are you?" type questions I listed in a previous post, should give some insight. And just makes that whole 'type in your native Indic (not Indiric as previously posted and not important enough to edit) script' window on blogspot even funnier. Google is far more knowing than we all think it is!


  1. Ohhh I hope you are feeling better. That stinks to be sick on the weekend.

    That's an interesting topic of "what are you?" ... so you are 1/2 Indian and what else?

    I'm just a really common Virginia/N.Carolina mut with pretty much all Scotch-Irish and English with a tiny bit of French and Native American ancestry thrown in there. But Mike is 3/4 Greek and 1/4 Irish.

  2. Hang in there Lori!Hope your feeling better soon.Me and my kids all have bad allergies so I know how miserable they can be. Sorry to hear about your school misery. My brother,sister in law, and father in law are all educators and I have learned about the unpleasant politics that go on.Sorry to hear thats it in your area too.I am sure you are looking forward to summer!