Monday, April 21, 2008

Mountains over molehills...

Well, miserable as my allergies are making me, and don't take this the wrong way, I am so happy I have not met my daughter yet. My heart is breaking for those who have met their babies and are waiting for them and don't know how or when they will get them. I'm so worried about the uncertainty on the 'hold' as it is, I can't imagine actually having a specific face to put with the longing that I have and how much it would hurt. Though my agency doesn't have anything official or specific (which sort of worries me, I won't lie) it seems that no one seems to be too worried and sees the 'hold' as a positive thing that will benefit all. Most importantly to me, I think, are the words from the missionaries actually IN Kyrgyzstan and talking directly to the orphanage directors. He said they see this as a good thing, temporary and beneficial for all in the long run, and that's good enough for me. Thank you, Lord for granting me some peace with regard to the 'hold' on dossiers! You are good! Now, can we talk about some peace with regard to my day to day...

Ha ha! Thank God He has a sense of humor! (I know He does! HUMONGOUS attitude in this rinky dink body? I bet He had a good laugh over me!!!)

We set up the 'nursery' last night, in anticipation of our social worker visiting tomorrow. I have to say, school drains me so much that I nearly have the gumption to just say, "Come on in; this is how we really live. Some days, the bed just doesn't get made." Of course, sweet John got home earlier than I did and cleaned up the kitchen and made dinner. Which, I should tell you all, he does OFTEN. I know he reads these little posts on his blackberry, so I want to very publicly thank him for making fantastic dinners and even cleaning up after! I thought it was hilarious that mom sent us one of those emails where you replace the second person's name with yours and send the first person a recipe-- "Guaranteed great recipes and so much fun!" Fun? I just wanted to send her the email back and ask her what she'd been smoking, and I realized--John could contribute! I COULD contribute, if I cared, but that's the thing with me and cooking...I just don't care. Spaghettios / Steak Au Poivre... food's food. Guess I am a lucky gal that John doesn't see it that way!


  1. So, we need PHOTOS of the nursery, girl!! :-) I'm with you on the fact that we don't have our referral and with the hold I think it's better. I'm not sure if referrals are continuing and so I suppose there's a possibility I could get my referral soon, but how hard will it be knowing that I can GO!! Adoption is so not for the faint of heart. I'm so glad God's got it under control. I just wish I could remember He doesn't need my help controlling it! :-) Kudos to John for being a great hubby and helper. I've got one of those too and he's the greatest blessing i the world!!

  2. How exciting that you are almost finished with your homestudy! I want to see the nursery pics too. I know you don't have it ALL set up like you will eventually but have you decided on any specific design aspects? I'd love to see your ideas on how you plan to decorate it.

    Your comments on John reminded me how much I love that Mike likes to cook yummy food for our family and does so frequently... and darn it I forgot to mention that today at our homestudy appoinment!

    We're both very lucky girls to have such great husbands!

  3. I can't wait to see the nursery. I agree having a husband that cooks is the best.

    Looking forward to meeting your social worker tomorrow and helping you to check onemore task off the list.

    You have such a great attitude about the adoption hold. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you and all of the families that are in the process. Thinking of you all...