Friday, April 4, 2008

Full steam ahead!

Talked with our social worker today, which was a big surprise because I didn't think she would be there today!! She got my overnight package and said all we needed was my medical (which was mailed this am) and the guardianship form from my sister-in-law--which we will call about first thing in the AM--she's in Germany and 6+ hours ahead of us. Betty is booked until April 14, but I will call her back on Monday and she will schedule our interviews up there. After that, she comes to visit our house, and she said within 7-10 days, our homestudy reports are done and on their way to USCIS. SO--if we can get the I600A back within a reasonable amount of time, we could be looking at authenticating documents at both state and national level in the beginning of June! Yippee! It almost seems John is a bit worried about how quickly things are going--he (and I) are both banking on at least one more school year to finance this whole international fiesta. I told him that we are just lucky that it seems the homestudy is going fast. Once all docs are authenticated by the State Department in DC, they go to AA and then get translated. Then they go to the Kyrgz embassy and THEN they go to Kyrgyzstan--which will take a few months alone. The wait for a referral then is anywhere from 3-10 months, and for a girl, I'm guessing on the longer end. Soooo...I'm still anticipating that it will be 2009 before we go making any international travel plans--or at least plans to bring a baby home. That's fine--time moves so quickly. It'll be here before we know it!! Plenty of time for me to be nesting, though :)


  1. Wow! Look at all you have accomplished in less than two months. You sent offf your application mid February and here we are at the start of April and you have made such ground! Impressive!!

  2. Yep you're doing great!
    btw -- I changed the url of my blog. Does that affect your ability to get to my blog at all?