Monday, April 14, 2008

Beach Therapy

I am so happy that I am blessed enough to be able to have such dear friends! Old School 3rd Grade from Dixon Elementary had our annual Myrtle Beach weekend this weekend and it was SO wonderful to be with them again.

Oh, and I SO miss the beach. When we sell the first house, we have to buy some time-share somewhere on the beach. Myrtle, Onslow, Pensacola--don't care--love them ALL! Just need my beach!!

Life's so good...wonderful friends, old and new! (Amazing how people you've NEVER met can become instant friends and you feel like you may have known them forever!!) I bought little KGB a sweet little bracelet this weekend. And a couple of cute little dress-up purses. Grandma crocheted a pretty pink blanket for her and daddy brought the cradle Grandma bought for her a few years ago home. It's real. We are going to have a little girl soon. No more lonely Christmases or childless Easter Egg hunts. No more feeling left out of diaper talk or sleepless nights. She's on her way home. If she's conceived yet. I don't know...I sort of feel like she hasn't been yet. I know it's weird, but I just have this feeling that I would know when she was. Soon, though...she's coming soon. I know it. And I can't wait. Claire Grace, Emma Grace, KGB--whatever your name is, I love you already. I have since before you were even thought of. And I will teach you how not to end sentences in prepositions! Love, Your Mommy


  1. Oh that's wonderful that you got to go to the beach. I love the beach too. Maybe some day in the future we can meet at my favorite teeny-tiny beach which is COLONIAL BEACH. If you don't know it well it's this really old little place on the Potomac that I personally believe was just about to hit a revival till our whole economy flattened out. Now I think that's probably on hold for a bit but Colonial Beach even in it's slightly old and run down current state is still a really CUTE place in my opinion. It's not on the ocean and the river does have some murkiness to it but the river has really gentle waves which are good for babies, floaty toys & rafts and the sand is nice.

    I don't think our little ones have been conceived yet either... but I think it will happen REALLY soon.

    We do have a girly name we've been considering for 16 years (!) but we'll wait and see what name she comes to us with first before deciding what we'll really use. BTW it's NOT any of the names you mentioned.

  2. When I read your last post my eyes filled with tears. It is so powerful to see how God works in His way and in His time. You see, being that I am adopted I am so moved by your journey.

    I am learning so much from you. I am learning about the love that my mother had for me before I reached her loving arms. The preparations she made...all just for me. Your post brought the following verse to my mind.

    And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

    Your story is one built on faith and hope, but overwhelmingly one of love.