Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The pain of it all

Well, it's official! My doctor has basically told me that I need to quit my job if I want to be healthy and happy. I have ALWAYS loved her! It's military health care, so she's hard to get an appointment with, but she's great and squeezed me in today! It started with my little visit to Physical Therapy for my back. My aching, sore, feels like I have been beaten up, back and neck. I've been going for two weeks now, today being the 3rd time, and bless those cute little boys' hearts, they felt sorry for me! "You have WAY too many muscle spasms. They are all up and down your spine and neck." Yep, tell me about it. Flexoril to the rescue. Like I don't have enough medicines. They also told me to go see my doctor and gave me an in on how to get a coveted same day appointment without having to give your firstborn (good thing, don't have one) away. So, I went, got in (miracle of all miracles) and she nearly cried with happiness for me (told you she was great!) when I told her about the adoption. I told her that I didn't want to add any more medicines to my already large pharmacy, and she asked me, "Lori, are you going to work when you get the baby?" I told her that I had planned to stay at home. She then said, "Then honey, we just need to get you through the next year. When you stop working, so much of your stress will be gone." Don't get me wrong, she went on to remind me that I would be under the stress of being a parent. But she made one key point--I will be able to have some control over that situation. My situation in education right now--not so much control. That's the most frustrating part--feeling like if I do what's right for my kids, the repercussions are mighty. I totally believe her, too...I was happy, healthy (mostly) Lori at Christmas break. John says the school Lori is the "F-bomb" Lori. I hate that Lori. She's mean, grumpy and miserable to be around. Plus, her neck and back kill her. So, due to the simple laws of physics and cause and effect, it's obvious that I need to leave education. Here's to that day. Until then, here's to heat therapy, massages, muscle relaxers and stress-relievers.

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  1. A great decision. I had to leave education too---for many of the same reasons. David had a name for me as well during those stressful days. It was a difficult decision to leave something I truly loved, but it has ultimately been the best decision I have made. I feel like I have felt the same emotions about education and I know that you have made a difficult, but right decision.

    I prayed about it a lot and asked God to help me find an outlet for my oassion--- teaching, albeit a different one than the public school.

    The part-time teaching literally fell into my lap and it was the greatest gift. I also have found that bceause I am a teacher down to my soul, I am also a better parent. Parenting is teaching---every second, every single moment there is a lesson being taught. The best part though is what you will also learn as you are teaching. Life lessons abound.

    Here is to your new life as a life long teacher to a baby that will never stop learning from you nor you form her.

    I look forward to hearing more as one adventure comes to an end and your new journey begins.