Friday, February 22, 2008

HO-LY COW is there some paperwork!!!

Well, friends, snow day. As you know, I am not a huge advocate of those, but in this case, yippee. Our Social Worker called yesterday and told me she had a cancellation for today if we were interested in coming up there (Crofton) for the initial interview!! Worked out perfectly. Although, I will say I was a little grumpy because I did not get the phone call that comes when school is out, got up, complained that today actually SHOULD be a snow day, got dressed, came down for coffee, went back upstairs to do makeup and see on the news that SCHOOL IS CLOSED! Where was my call? I could have slept!! Even better, my call DID come--at 7:53 am. Eight minutes AFTER I am expected at school and seven minutes before kids normally gallop through my door. What organization! Who says education is in trouble?

Anyway, we got the checklist for the dossier for Kyrgyzstan. It is MONSTROUS! Being military, it's even harder because there are some tricky little residency issues. As if the adoption is not costing an arm and a leg, the possibility of John having to be a Maryland resident (thus taking away our cushy Florida residency and tax break) is on the plate and neither of us are happy about that--that's possibly an additional 5-7K A YEAR that we would end up having to pay!! Hopefully our licenses (Florida, but with our Maryland address) will work. We also have to have a million different documents from a trillion different agencies all over the country and then we have to trust those documents in the Maryland State Department office for certification. This is all very overwhelming right now. I don't even think John has A CLUE of what is involved, or what I am looking at getting together. That's why I don't feel ONE BIT BAD about leaving the trash in the can until it flows out the door--trash is his job!!! This, apparently, is mine. Whew.

Hey, and spellcheck works now! Woohoo! Happy Friday!

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