Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day two...score 1 for attempted consistency!

We just got visited by the leaders of the Southern Maryland Golden Retriever Rescue Organization. We are going to foster Goldens. Because I don't have enough on my plate. Ha ha. Actually, I am glad to do it--that Pedigree commercial about poor Echo the dog not getting adopted kills me every time I see it, so if I can help even a little, I am up for it.

Finally felt convicted (in church, that is) this morning at Leonardtown Baptist. While John said it was like every other Baptist sermon he heard (which meant that it was telling it like it is vs. telling you what is politically correct), I felt it was exactly what I needed! The pastor preached on either being with Christ or against room for middle ground. He also spoke of failures--deliberate and accidental--against God and His grace in redeeming us though we make them. In this early mid-life crisis I am going through, I have been feeling that every day is an uphill battle and I fail miserably--my kids, my husband, my mom, my Lord, you name it. Good to be reminded that failures are forgiven and how we continue matters. We plan to join this church, which is nice because we have been looking long enough. I have finally come back to my mantra--Bloom Where You Are Planted (even though it often takes me a while) and will not allow me not liking Maryland to be due to my inaction and lack of involvement. That's not fair to Maryland. See, already I am being nicer....

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