Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another day down, another snow day 'a comin'

Well, a day down, and darn it all if me finding out about early school dismissal if we don't use snow days is coming to haunt me! As I type, big, fluffy snow flakes fall furiously (can we say alliteration?) to the ground and I just know that we will have at the least, a late arrival. There's supposed to be more tomorrow night, too, meaning that Friday may be a loss as well. Friday's an early dismissal day anyway!! WHAT A WASTE! Ah, well...why fret over the uncontrollable when I can fret over the items on my plate as it is...namely, adoption! The age of the Internet is fabulous, but on the same token, there is something to be said about information overload! There is SOOO much out there I feel I should know, and yet, I have to admit that I really just hope this agency tells me what to do, when to do it, and what comes next. We have collectively dished out in one weekend nearly $5000 and there's another 25K or more to go. Not that there's a price on a child, sister-in-law told me she had a friend that adopted a little girl from China (back when it didn't take four years) and was often insulted at some of the questions she got. She said she wanted a t-shirt that had quotes like, "She's priceless, thanks for asking." or "Yes, I think she looks just like me too!" Nanci, I can't remember what your add-on to those quotes was, but if you do, tell me, because I thought it was hilarious! I guess in the big scheme of things, I should just be thankful that the option is available to us, and in truth, I still rubs me as very sad, though--all the rigmarole that goes into (not to mention, the money) giving a child a good life.

Speaking of children and good lives...ha ha. Today was basically as frustrating as the previous 111 school days have been, but a nice quote (again, Nanci, thanks!) helped put it in perspective. It's true, I just need to remember I am not alone and all things are of God's plan. The Lord is my refuge and my ever-present help in trouble. I have that run through my head often (funny, as it was part of a Sunday choir presentation in Pensacola YEARS ago, and the tune has not left my head!) and I think I just need to hang tighter to His promises. I tell my kids (at least the ones who feel they are above the rules of the classroom) that no one is more special than the other--I love them all just the same. I guess I hear God telling me the same thing..."Lori, you are no better than Job, or Hezekiah, Moses or my beloved Son...they endured their trials, so shall you." So...I guess the better prayer is not for these 69 more school days to end, but that I have the patience and strength to endure them in the way that God wants me to.

And for that, all the adoption info on the Internet sure does help take my mind off my woes!!! KGB, I am very, very, very eagerly anticipating you and hope you don't get mad at me one day for preemptively calling you KGB .... What am I saying? You can't speak English yet...I have a little bit of time to make it up to you!! For the record, the picture attached is a 'sample' of what Kyrgyzstan babies can look like. This is a boy version of what I looked like as a baby. Actually, I DID look like a boy!

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