Friday, March 16, 2012

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!!!!

Holy cow...I've not updated really on Luke in ages, nor shared many pictures, nor shared much of what we are doing or what's going on (well, except of course, the intimate details of our IVF cycle, right?)...guess that means we've just been SUPER busy...

So quick highlights and then mostly pictures:

WALKING! Still wobbly, but getting better and better every day.  Can't keep him in the crawlers room at church anymore!

TEETH!  He has NINE now...three molars and according to the doctor, several more bulges ready to pop.

WORDS!  He says Mommy, Daddy, Doggie (and in no particular order...just depends on mood!), Bap  (bath), Dixie (what he calls Dixie OR Sammy), LeLe (what he calls Grandma's dog Lola), shoes (more like shooce), juice (more like shooce), Nein (though thankfully, not a lot yet!) and lots of parroting of sounds...especially bells ringing and sirens clanging.

SINGING!  He sings.  Lots.  And especially sings himself to sleep.  Love that!

RECOGNITION!  One morning when I went to get him up, I walked in his room and smelled a diaper!  I said, "Uh oh, Luke!  Do you have a stinky diaper?" Would you believe he started patting the front of his diaper like, "Yep.  Sure do.  Here it is."?  He knows where his diaper, ears, eyes, mouth, and nose, belly, feet and hands are and he's working on those with us and on pictures in books.  He's also signing more, eat, and ALL DONE (which is universal for him...the "All Done" sign is basically his way of saying "NO!" to whatever he doesn't want any more!

He is a very serious boy all of a sudden.  He's always been very analytical, and very quizzical, but he seems like he always has such a serious furrow of his little brows.  So funny.

We've done a lot in the last few months, even though we've been sick, so here are some highlights in pictures:

Marine Corps Ball in November...he wasn't thrilled!

Enjoying this great spring weather last week!

Mommy, Lukey and Baby Brother or Sister...and yes, he was trying to reach desperately for daddy!

8 weeks 3 days...definitely getting bigger more quickly!

Mommy's birthday...He bought me a new Llama Llama book and he was thrilled with it!

We were SO excited to visit with our friends Heather and sweet little Liam!  We hung out with them at the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium and their beach cottage at Emerald Isle (visiting from Illinois!)...Liam is a LOVE bug.  Luke, I learned...well....Luke is somewhat territorial!  Working on that!

Luke was looking at Liam like, "Kid, don't mess with my deck slat!"

He walked up to this donation bin, said "Doggie" and tried to hug the "Doggie" (aka the otter!)...silly boy!

Beach Babies!!!!  LOVE these little miracles playing together!

SOOOO serious!

Sandy crackers are the best.  (The seagulls certainly think so!)

Liam the smiley boy at the Aquarium

Ill-fated attempts to get pictures of them playing together...

Beautiful Mommy and son!!!

Hanging outside of the aquarium.  These big boys are so precious.  And three days apart!

Luke helping himself to his juice and snacks back in November.

 Daddy made Luke a rocking horse for his first birthday.  It was a HIT!  (And yes, he calls it Doggie!)

Working out dishwasher style...

Some pics from back in November...such great weather we had! (Still do!)

Visiting Flat-Iron Farm at Christmas...not AT ALL happy with that goat!

Hoping he doesn't like being behind bars!!!!


  1. So cute!!! and man is he getting so big.... oh and CONGRATS MAMA!!!

  2. Seriously, he is hands down, one of the cutest boys on the planet! And you, my friend, are so precious! How can you be so cute?! It's bizarre. Jonah was the same with learning and absorbing information. One day, at that age, she just knew all of her body parts and counted to 10. Floored me! Obviously it's not first born syndrome (as "they" call it) but something about being the only kid getting the full attention helps. Love him.

  3. So so so adorable!!!!!!!!

    And you are looking pretty adorable yourself there lady!!


  4. Adorable pictures of your little man... Love seeing updates! Your look fabulous, by the way. Keep growing, mama and baby!

  5. Love pics of that kid! He is too cute! You looked gorgeous for the MC ball!

  6. Luke and Mommy are so adorable!

  7. YAHOO! I am so excited to read this post and see that the IVF cycles I had been following earlier in the winter are going well... you look great and he is soo stinking cute!! truly smiling from ear to ear for you... :)

  8. My daughter was born the day before your son! He is so super cute, and you look great with your little bump! Congrats :)

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