Wednesday, November 3, 2010

29 Weeks!

Well....halfway through 29 weeks and I'm posting. It's been busy! Mondays are my appointments, and then straight from my appointment, I go to my photography class, so I don't have time to post. Yesterday was a busy day running errands (I got 3 boxes of Puff's w/Lotion, a bottle of Febreeze and two bottles of Dawn dish detergent for $1.32!!!!! LOVE coupons!!!) and I am praying I'm just reacting to all the dust in the house from John finishing the basement versus getting a cold. I just didn't feel super yesterday. A little better today.


Luke is THREE pounds!!! He's moved from the 51st%tile to 52nd%tile to now 54th%tile!!! That's certainly not like his brother, who just went down in the percentile charts as he grew. Of course, I've said it before, he was a perfectly respectable and healthy weight (and CERTAINLY length!) at birth, and just a week before, had been measured in the 12th%tile, so I'm not banking too much on those numbers other than Luke's doing well and measuring ahead a bit makes me feel good about delivering at 38 weeks. Which is less than 9 weeks from now!!!! Dr. Sweeney said depending on how we're doing, we may look at 38 1/2 to make Drs. Polko and Shonekan feel a bit better, but honestly, as long as he keeps growing as he is, and breathing and such as he is, I like 38. We'll start seeing Dr. Sweeney every week now, and while I feel this may be a tad bit overkill, I'm not willing to give up the peace and assurance I get from knowing he's breathing, hiccuping, cord's not endangering him, surprises won't (hopefully) pop up and that he's doing ok. I think my favorite part of this last visit was Luke's eyes open!!!!!! John's was probably the focus on all his boy equipment (which looks fine, I guess!) but I loved knowing that he's in there checking stuff out. Sort of. He was VERY busy--to the point that Dr. Sweeney said we needed to get him out of some crazy inverted-U shape position he'd put himself in to see him better and I had to turn from side to side every 30 seconds for about 5 minutes. Luke does not like going side to side, so that was good to get him in better position! He was CRAZY busy, though, and I loved it!

I am playing the You Are My Sunshine plush for Luke every morning and every night. It's hard for me, but he seems to like it and I'm going to look for another one or two things I can play repetitively (he hears lots of talking and singing, but varied...I want two or three of the same little tunes) for him to see what he thinks of them after he's born.

I've picked up a few pounds, I guess--between 114 and 116 this week, so maybe about 14-16 total gain so far. No swelling yet, thank God, and I'm really keeping focused on the fluids in hopes that I don't swell this time. Rings still go over knuckles, so that's good! Sleeping is still hit and miss, though my allergies were bothering me the other night and I took a Zyrtec and slept STRAIGHT from 1:30 am to 5:55 am!!! That's the most sleep in one block I've gotten in probably a good 18 months!!!!!! I took one again last night, and no such luck, so maybe it's just that my body was so run-down. The third trimester fatigue is really setting in, so just taking sleep where I get it! I had no doubt I'd pass my glucose test (saw Dr. Polko last Thursday) but didn't think I'd still be anemic. Still. Even though I eat tons of iron-rich stuff AND take an iron supplement. She said add another one. I must grow vampires. Actually, anemia (and hard-core anemia at that) runs in my family...probably more genetic than anything.

The Marine Corps Ball is this weekend. Super fun. Super mandatory fun, that is. I'm wearing the dress I bought after Matthew died to wear to John's award ceremony because the front is REALLY floofy (which is why it was PERFECT for after a c-section and a good 25 extra pounds!) and I just do not want to look like a big Macy's Day Balloon again this year. I looked like a black velvet hot air balloon last year with Matthew (16 days from my due date and swollen like a tick!) and hope for no repeat this year!

I also cleaned out Matthew's nursery this weekend to get it ready for Luke. I wrote about it and haven't decided whether I'll post it. I want Luke to know where my head was, but frankly, don't need the judgement for my feelings, and I'm pretty sure I'll get it, even if it's never spoken aloud to me.

Then again, I've gotten pretty good about not caring. I've yet to come across "How to act/think/feel/behave/do/believe after your baby son shockingly dies" on Google, so unless anyone else has and can share with me, I'm pretty much over people feeling like they have 'the right' things for me to do and feel. I listen, I nod my head (or not), I bite my tongue and I wait until they are done.

And then I do and feel and believe what I want. I'm good with that.

Here are some pics of the Lukester:

Yes, Daddy...still a boy!

That's not a paci, but sure looks like one!

Starting to open eyes!

Little bit more open! (Affectionately known as The Stink Eye in our family!)

I SEE YOU!!!!!

Here's how he's developing:

Week Twenty Nine: Movement is more forceful

You are 29 weeks pregnant. (fetal age 27 weeks)
  • Your baby now weighs about 2 and a half pounds (1150gm)
  • and is about 15 inches (38.5cm) long from head to heel.
  • Brain is busy developing billions of neurons.
  • Baby's muscles and lungs are continuing to mature.
  • The fetus can taste and respond to pain.
  • The milk teeth have developed under the gums.
29 weeks kickingThe baby's head is growing bigger to accommodate the brain, which is busy developing billions of neurons. The eyes can move in their sockets. They may be able to follow a blinking light. As well as your baby's increasing sensitivity to changes in light, they may also be able to taste. Various studies show that your baby may indicate preferences or dislike for particular tastes at this stage.

Baby is also moving from side to side, but probably still is head up. In the next few weeks, they will move to the head down birthing position. At times you may feel as if baby is performing somersaults for an olympic gold medal. Baby may be performing fewer movements because living conditions in the womb are becoming more cramped. The baby is still doing a lot of kicking and stretching. Some of your baby's kicks and punches may even take your breath away.

Baby hears things better from the vibrations all around, and can now distinguish real sounds and voices. Do not forget to continue to 'teach' your baby in the womb by exposing them to music, literature, and simply talking to them. At this stage baby eyes are almost always blue and can distinguish bright sunlight or artificial light through the uterine wall.

At week twenty nine, your baby measures about 11 inches (28 cm) from crown to rump, or a total length of about 15 inches (38cm) from head to heel, and weighs about 2.5 pounds (1150gm).


  1. I just love updates about how Luke is doing. The picture with his eyes open is amazing! I'm sure it was hard to work on Matthew and Luke's room. I can't imagine. You're doing things in your own time and in the way that feels right to you. No one can tell you that you're wrong.

  2. I LOVE all the pictures! I am glad Luke is growing so well and looking great!! Have fun at the ball and be sure to post pictures. I know you will be as beautiful as always!! XOXO

  3. :) loved this post. I'm sure cleaning out Matthew's room was difficult...but I know you are strong. Hope to read about it soon. I've still yet to pack up anything in Lilly's room...I just can't bring myself to do it.

  4. Luke is just amazingly beautiful. In my opinion, humble or otherwise, what you do and how you do it for *anything* is your business; what you do for Matthew is personal and will always be appropriate. For the ball: straight hair again? Not that it matters as you're always gorgeous!

  5. Oh wow, I love how he opened his eyes! Glad to hear things are well!

  6. Is Dr. Sweeney's office the one that you're always baking for? I'm sure they're looking forward to your weekly visits :)

    I love all of Luke's pics! You are my sunshine is a great song to play to him now and sing to him when he's in your arms...This song always brings calm to Cooper, no matter what's wrong with him! He calms down almost instantly when I start singing it!

    You're almost there, momma!

  7. Love the pics!! I just can't believe how close we are, my friend!!! Soooo close!!!

    I can't even imagine how hard it was to clean out Matthew's room, and how many different emotions must've been a part of that experience. Sending lots and lots of hugs.

  8. That's AMAZING! Seeing his eyes open is so bizarre ... I love that it's just a little more proof of how real they are when they're in there. I'm sorry about the nursery. It's got to be SO painful and out-of-body to be doing that. I wish we could feel free to say what's on our hearts without fear of judgement, but I guess that's not something we always get, huh? Just know that we do hear where you are in this and want you to be surrounded by love and encouragment. Giant hugs, kisses and belly rubs to you. xoxo

  9. So fun to see Luke's open eyes!

    Can't imagine the emotions on changing the room.

  10. I just love your pictures!!! How exciting to hear that everything continues to go so well for you.

  11. I just love your pictures!!! How exciting to hear that everything continues to go so well for you.

  12. Thanks for the laugh Lori! I'm in love with correct grammar!lol You can call me a weirdo too:) hehehe

    Look at that precious boy and those sweet little eyes! I just loved watching my boys on ultrasound. I could have done it every single day.

    I'm so thankful that all is going well. Take care sweet friend...

  13. hi lori, amazing pictures of luke, wonder what he sees ... i'm anaemic too hun. i needed an infusion with harvey, hoping to avoid one now. am on red meat every night with orange juice to help absorb the iron, plus 2 iron supplements and still feel exhausted all of the time. not long to go now!!!

  14. LOVE this! I hate that I'm hardly online anymore, but every time I am I pop over to make sure I catch up on your posts. :) Luke is so completely adorable, and I simply canNOT wait for his arrival! I'm hoping for 38 weeks too, hehe.
    Praying for you!!!

  15. He is tooo sweet!!!

    I have this cd on my iPod and play it at night to Gideon through headphones on my belly. And when he's being crazy active and I need a break, if I play this for him he calms right down!

    I'm 33 weeks, but will probably be delivering around 36 because of minor issue with his heart. I'm so torn between wanting to relish and treasure all of this and just wanting to be DONE and have him out and safely in my arms.

  16. I love seeing these pictures and I can't believe it will be only nine more weeks until we see his beautiful face! This has flown by (well, maybe not for you=) )...

    I am so sorry you had to work on Matthew and Luke's room and the feelings that may have bubbled up. I am sure it was hard. I have learned to keep some things close to my heart, not because I care about what people think, but because I am protective of my feelings and thoughts on my wee one. But you share, if you feel like it and I will "beat" anybody up that dares to say anything negative...

    Praying for you...

  17. Amazing to see that little face with eyes wide open :) I can't wait for that day.

    As for posting about cleaning out the nursery...all I can say is God Bless You, as I just can not even imagine how hard that was. And you are right, there is not room for judgement on the subject.

    Much love to you and so happy all is going well. Enjoy the Marie Corps. Ball!


  18. I am so glad Luke is growing and moving and shaking in there! I know cleaning out Matthew's room was so difficult! I'll happily punch anyone for judging you over your feelings about this! No one is walking in your same shoes. I love the song You Are My Sunshine. It has made me tear up since I was a little girl. xoxo

  19. Love how Luke showed you something new in case you were starting to get bored. You've likely memorized his face by now, but things like eye color will remain a mystery (I assume) until you meet him. A boy's got to keep a few secrets of his own from all the prying eyes.

    Speaking of secrets, keep the "nursery post" private between you and Luke if you need to. If anyone feels the need to judge, I hope they'd keep that a secret, too. You'll get tons of support if you do share, though.

    Enjoy the Ball this weekend. I hope the deja vu of last year's happy anticipation paired with wearing a dress with difficult memories attached doesn't make having "mandatory fun" impossible (such a true way to describe it...I haven't had any in a while and am overdue...).

  20. oh wow the eyes open are amazing!!!! sorry i been so behind on blogging lately...reading & writing as well...I wish you all the best in the next weeks and I almost find it impossible that you'd look anything but beautiful in what you you and luke and matthew always <3

  21. The pictures with Luke's eyes opened were amazing. Can't wait to see pictures of him when he is born. You are almost there Lori!!!
    Can't imagine how hard it was to change Matthew's nursery around for Luke's arrival.

  22. the photos are incredible.. great that he is growing and that you are both doing so well! and so glad you got a "long" block of sleep! have a grand time at the ball :)

  23. Oh Lori, I am sure packing up Matthew's room was heart-breaking. I am so sorry. And WHATEVER YOU DO/FEEL/EXPRESS is right for you. No judgment from me. Just hugs, J