Monday, November 8, 2010

What a Weekend!



What a weekend.

We went out to Mom's since the Marine Corps Birthday Ball was in Alexandria on Saturday and the drive back and forth is much easier from Mom's than from our house!

I feel sort of bad that I called it Mandatory Fun (though it is) because mandatory or not, it still was fun. I am always humbled to be in a room of men and women who willingly sacrifice their time and their very lives for my rights and my freedoms. Very proud to be part of such an honored tradition as 235 years of dedication and service from so many amazing people. No offense to ground Marines, but also thought it very cool that the Commandant's Message this year was delivered by an aviator! That's a first!

Anyway, I did have a nice time, though I admit I was stiff and sore for much of the night. Goes with the territory of being awake (or asleep, really) these days. It was more deja vu, of course. Just a year ago, I was in the very same room, also very pregnant, waiting for a much loved baby boy. This year was funny in that many comments (and of course, I know they were SO sweetly spoken and meant to be very complimentary...they were, they just made me laugh a little in my head!) were similar to this, "Wow--you look great!!! So different from last year!"

And, in defense of that statement, anyone who said it was right! Very different from last year. Last year, I looked like a swollen dog tick. Literally.

So, Sunday morning, as we were just about to eat breakfast with Mom, I discovered I was bleeding. I didn't worry (too much at first) because it wasn't much and I wasn't sure of what was going on. I told John (and he began to worry for both of us) and ate breakfast, figuring that if I was still bleeding and it seemed like more, I'd go to L&D and call my doctors.

And that's what happened. Here I was, a day shy of 30 weeks, and blood. In the last 85 weeks, I've been pregnant for 71 of them...and NO BLOOD! I know that many, many, many women have bleeding throughout the pregnancies and babies are just FINE, but....not me. I called Dr. Shonekan and she told me not to worry, just go see what was going on. I also called Dr. Sweeney, who essentially said the same things. Neither seemed concerned that it was something really bad, but BOTH were very interested to hear back. I know I say it all the time, but we just could NOT have better people taking care of us.

Considering that I have had the cell numbers of both of them for ages and JUST THEN used it, I felt pretty proud of myself for not being *too* bothersome to them--but I think we all agreed that fresh, bright red blood at 30 weeks was a cause for a call.

The hospital was great. We went straight to L&D (Fair Oaks has a NICU, so if worst came to worst, we'd at least be at a NICU) and they were not busy. Our nurse was lovely; we explained to her what was going on and where we have been in the last year and she was very understanding of why we were worried and so nerve-wracked. She constantly told us that it was going to be fine, Luke was moving around like nuts (yeah, I know!) and that we lucked out because the doctor on call was the one they all loved and called for consults. (John and I laughed, thanking God we didn't get the one that they DIDN'T love or call for consults! "Umm, yeah...sorry to tell you, the doctor on call today is the drunk none of us like very much....")

She was right, though, because the doctor was very kind and just as understanding of why we were panicked. They did an exam, and thankfully, couldn't find anything wrong with my cervix or Luke. Without getting graphic, essentially their theory was that I had some blood vessels external to my cervix rupture and that's where the blood was coming from. That could have happened from anything--me moving/stretching, Luke moving around...just about anything. Seeing as Luke kept moving (kept popping off the fetal monitor because he was SO wiggly!) and his heartrate was great and the exam showed no concerns with my cervix, after we ruled out any placental bleeding with a sonogram, I figured that theory was very plausible.

The wait for the ultrasound took over 3 hours. Finally we were called down, and I understood why. The girl (who was maybe 12, but still very thorough and kind) had been slammed with emergent situations. She spent an hour and 15 minutes with us (as I said, VERY thorough!) and if she did that with 2 patients before us, well...that's why it took so long. Poor thing, the patient right before us was a woman who was there for pain in early pregnancy and that little sono tech had to tell her that the pregnancy was ectopic and she needed to go straight to the OR. That's just not the kind of stuff that you do the ultrasound, see, tell and then say, "Next patient, please." Seeing as that was the problem with one of the patients before me, I was glad that our girl was as sweet and compassionate as she was. That poor woman needed it, I know.

Luke was fine. Wiggly, kicking me (we saw his legs all stretched out and foot flexed right up against my side and it was adorable) and no bleeding from anything. She said I had "Mega-cervix," which made me laugh, but fit right in line with Ft. Knox, and an hour and a half later, we were good to go. Not given bedrest completely--just taking it easy until we saw Dr. Sweeney (who I am sure will tell me to just take it easy and not push my limits) and coming back if we have contractions or anything else happens.

They DID find an enlarged left kidney on Luke, according to the impressions from the ultrasound, but in talking to Dr. Sweeney, he said he's not one bit concerned and he'll take a look for himself tomorrow. Though the tech was super sweet, and super thorough, John (and I) trust 'our' gals at Dr. Sweeney's quite a bit more, so we'll see the real scoop with them. The bottom line is that with Matthew's kidney situation, we are very well aware that one lives with only one functioning kidney ALL THE TIME, so even if there IS some situation with his kidney, we aren't worried. Fluid looked good and has, and Dr. Sweeney's office has been keeping up with every body part this little boy displays for the last 22 weeks. Luke is fine.

I am fine.

We are both fine.

Thank God.

Here are some pictures from the ball. Big difference from last year, agreed. But....I wouldn't trade my sweet Matthew hearing "From the halls of Montezuma..." on those big brass instruments for anything. He LOVED the music last year. Loved it. So did I.

Mommy and Daddy before we left...

"Belly" shot at 29w5d

This was AFTER John made a "funny" joke about how I sounded like a screechy wife. Yeah, really funny. Good thing I love him anyway.

John would NOT stop telling me to "Look" at him!

This picture reminds me of another picture we took last July...dressed up, pregnant and happy. Dressed up again. Pregnant again. Forever changed...but able to say happy as well. A different happy, but grateful for happy nonetheless.

One of my sweethearts....I just love, love, love this sweet little girl. She was on a 'date' with her daddy for the Ball!!!!
I just have to say this about that picture....when I was pregnant with Matthew, my kids were amazing. Each class...the one at the beginning of the pregnancy and the one at the end as well...this little sweetheart above would come up behind me, wrap her arms around me and pat my stomach and say, "Hello, baby!! We love you!!! We love you Matthew!!!" every day. Every day. Over the summer, we went to see a movie and HAD to stop at Cheesecake Factory since Matthew LOVED the Blackout cake. When Calie came over the other night to say hi to me, they had just served desert (which was a pretty yummy triple layer chocolate cake that was awfully reminiscent of the Blackout cake) and I dropped my fork down to give her a big hug. We talked a few minutes and I asked what she thought of the cake. She said it was yummy, and then she melted my heart as she said, "I bet you loved it because I know your babies LOVE cake!"

Yes, my babies love cake....and I love that she knows that.


  1. whew i feel completely out of the loop. :) i am sorry that you had a crazy scare...but I am SO happy that everything is fine. that you are fine. that luke is fine. :) praying for you!

  2. That sweet girl made me tear up!! How precious! Children are just amazing and their hearts are so pure!

    You are gorgeous, always, and that purple just does it for you! Your faith and remaining happy, though forever different are inspirational! I love you to pieces and am so glad to know you, so glad that Luke is still bouncing away in there--oh to chase a boy around the house, you're gonna have those very few pounds you've gained gone in no time!!! I can't wait to see his cute face (b/c we all know it is!!). So much love to you! Thank you for being a great friend!

  3. Oh, what a sweet and wonderful post! So glad everything turned out to be okay at L&D and that you were treated with such compassion and kindness. You look so radiant and beautiful and definitely happy, it's so good to see you that way:)

  4. Lori, this was a beautiful post! I am so happy everything was okay with you and Luke, and I continue to pray for his safe and healthy entry into this world! It looks like you had a blast @ the ball! I LOVE military balls, and we have one coming up in March:-)

  5. Maybe I'm overly emotional today, but I cried the entire time I read this post. The thought of a year ago ... of you only knowing anticipation and joy over the arrival of your beloved ... to where you are now. The description of the little girl loving on you. The pictures that are just breathtaking. I don't know ... I seem to miss you so much today ... I miss your voice and your hug, but I've never met you in person. So strange. I'm so thankful everything is well with you and Luke. XOXO

  6. So glad everything is well with Luke! Love the pics from the ball. Looks like a lovely evening!

  7. Your little friend's comment is just another testament to what a great teacher you are and how you love and are loved by those sweet students.

    I've been waiting for this post to hear the whole story. I'm so glad everything checked out just fine for you and Luke. You look beautiful in those pictures - the drapey purple dress is very flattering, indeed. (Though it doesn't take much to make you look great!)

  8. You are a beautiful couple! A stunning preggo lady if ever I saw one :) I am so glad that everything is well with you and with Luke. You had a TON of prayers on your behalf the day you posted that. What a blessing that sweet little girl is, I'm sure her parents are very proud of the young lady that she is.

  9. Been praying like crazy for you and little mister Luke! I am so glad that things are alright. You guys just look beautiful all dressed up! Keep us posted on your doctors visit and take it easy mama!

  10. So glad to hear everything is fine with you and Luke.

    My youngest sister went to a Marine Ball this past week, too--in Africa. She works overseas in Embassies and it is always the social highlight of the year for them.

  11. So relieved everything is ok with you and Luke you have had me on tenterhooks all weekend .... xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo you look radiant and gorgeous and thankyou for sharing with us. I wish i had your strength Lori you really are inspiring to me. I love reading your blog.

  12. so glad everything is ok lori, we are so close now but not quite just yet! you look so radiant and beautiful in your pictures. that little girl sounds like an angel sent to warm your heart, i love it when people remember particular things about harvey and just come right out and say it. bless her xxx anne

  13. I love how prayers are answered. And prayers will continue as little Luke grows and grows.

    "Gorgeously radiant" sums up the photos of you with your Luke and John.

    Love you, and always remembering Matthew!

  14. So, so happy all is well with you and Luke! You are so beautiful in your dress with your bump :)

  15. Hey lori!
    I know I already posted on this entry, but i wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award:
    go here to claim it, and have a great day!!
    and NO MORE SCARES:-)

  16. I am glad to hear that Luke is well, and you are doing well also! And take it easy!!!! :)

    You look absolutely beautiful and I'm glad you were able to enjoy the night!

    Hugs to you and a pat to little Lukester!

    Heather (heathershope- HP)

  17. Looks like you've good people from all over praying for you and Luke. I'll add mine in as well. What a scare! So glad to hear that everything still looks great anyway. Hopefully your regular docs can verify it and put any residual fears to rest.

  18. So glad to hear all is well :). That little girl!!! What a sweetie :). I'm amazed at how much more adept children are than adults at talking about dead babies. A little girl wanted to know all about Gracie the other day and it was like telling her about any baby, she wasn't mortified and I wish the adults could take a lesson from her.

  19. Oh Lori!!! That must have been horrible. I am SO glad everything is good!!!

    You look absolutely amazing in those pictures!!! Amazing.

  20. You look beautiful!! I love your dress.

    So glad everything turned out OK with little Luke. Don't these rainbow babies know not to scare their momma's?

  21. The roller coaster just doesn't stop. Glad everything was OK in the end. And that you were able to enjoy the ball despite the deja vu (though thinking back to a wonderful night spent with Matthew can't help but bring a smile) and facing the unknown about what people might say and ask. What an amazing little girl - and how nice to get another unexpected reminder that Matthew's made an impact on people, and they think of him, in ways you'd never even know.

  22. Sniff, sniff again, reading myCalz saying this made me cry. he didn't tell me she she told you about both your babies loving cake. It's known fact while they lay comfy in your belly, they kicked for more cake.
    We love you and "she loves" u in a special way. It's her feeling she can't explain it she says. She says she can feel it from you too.
    This is from day one when you told her being short short has it's benefits and it's called "fire cracker", LOL. She's a little firecracker alright, sound familiar!?!
    You made an impact on her life(you taught her sooooooo much)..I speak for many of us've touched all your students you taught and ones you have not.

    Calie's heart is huge and you, John and your sons are a big part of it.
    She told me while Luke was kicking(you could feel him obviously), she laughed every time you put her hand on where he was kicking at the time... he'd stop. She said it was like trying to catch a cricket, she continues.. you know mom, when you think you have it, it already jumped out of your hand?
    That's what she told us.LOL..I laughed sooo hard! Funny she is...and blessed she is.

    Her wish came true about her able to do wrap her arms around your round belly w/Luke before he arrives. Just like she did with you and Mathew daily.
    Woot, woot!

    She's very grateful for "special times with you like this". These moments will forever be was engraved in heart. I know it will for you too.

    YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and I see the gleam, the spark in your eyes.
    You and John are surrounded by angels. You are a living angel on earth, believe it or not.
    You have touched many of us in many ways.

    I'm pretty much all caught up on your blogs.
    sigh..white lie, half way

    You should have your own BLOG "APP"...Hmmm..all proceeds go to your charities that hold close to your heart. There's a APP for that!!!
    I cried, laughed, smiled, cried, laughed, AL,most spit my coffee out, missed 4 calls, forgot about am appointment I had with the gas man here at the house*I greeted him in my PJ's at noon), and giggled through-out your blog where I left off last Feb....

    Hug your belly and tell Luke thank you for sharing his cake with Calz.

    We're happy all is OK and I mentioned that on your latest blog.

    We love you all....

  23. I know I'm very glad everything is ok with you and Luke. Bleeding can be scary. I remember I had heavy bleeding at 26 wks with Kyndra. It was quite the ordeal. They never found the reason for it but looking back I can realize how lucky we were everything was ok and how blessed we were for the many prayers for us.

    You look fabulous in your dress! So beautiful!!

  24. You both look so nice. Okay, you're absolutely gorgeous in these pictures, and your husband looks like a very handsome

    So glad to hear that you are safe and healthy after the little scare! You had me all worried!! :)

    I'm thankful to your husband and all of the other men and women who serve our country.... Thank You.

  25. You and John (and of course Luke) look superstar-fabulous!!!!