Monday, September 1, 2008


Okay, I realize that I in no way, shape or form have any justification to being annoyed by Hurricane Gustav, in light of the horrible things that storm is bringing to so many along the Gulf Coast, but....I am a little on the annoyed side. Of course that could be because I am SOOOOO tired, so I am going to claim that as my defense of the following. I'll call it Gustavitis.

I am annoyed that AirTran cancelled all flights out of Pensacola for today, leaving me with the option of getting out late last night on the "We're sorry, we won't be flying tomorrow, maybe this will help you out a bit?" flight, laying over in Atlanta and getting home today OR leaving on Tuesday. I got home earlier today, so you know what option I chose. I'll just let you imagine how much fun it was and how tired I am.

I am REALLY annoyed that people who TOTALLY know the rules for carry-on luggage, yet feel that the rule doesn't apply to THEM and that their 'little' bit extra doesn't make a difference. IT DOES! When we have to spend 18 hours trying to shove carry-ons that OBVIOUSLY won't fit in the overhead luggage (and then 18 more hours checking in the stuff that didn't fit--go figure) I really am perturbed at our (and I include me in this, so don't freak out) ideas as a culture that we are entitled to things simply because we ARE and rules be darned...

I am annoyed that I feel so tied to my job that I couldn't enjoy the extra day that Airtran originally tried to throw at me since they cancelled flights today and I missed more time with some of the most important people in my life. Why can't I follow my own mantra that I try to tell everyone I live by--"I work to live, not live to work." It's almost like God said,"Hey, Lori, hang out another day! You LOVE these people and they are good for your soul. I'll take care of the arrangements for you," and my response was, "Thanks, God, but since you are probably too busy to write the sub lesson plans, I'm going to have to take a raincheck on this one." How ungrateful I can be.

I am annoyed (but secretly love) that my husband thinks that I am like Kate on Jon and Kate Plus 8 just because I am particular and like order, clean clothes and things to work the way they should. As I always say, for a man who TOTALLY runs on a his own hidden agenda and gets a kick out of being "the rational one" when that is a TOTAL act, he doesn't have much room to talk. Ask John about his analgous theory of how marriages are like cars...then tell me that I don't have to do something to give my life some structure and assurance!

I am annoyed that though I love not checking email or blogs for a few days, I TOTALLY feel computer withdrawal. I do NOT want to live my life in front of a computer, yet I just checked email/blogs/groups and realize how much I missed in just 2 days. Ugghh...

BUT...I'm NOT annoyed at:

FIVE families got some much needed news and movement in their cases to bring their babies home.

I had a WONDERFUL time in Pensacola...I didn't remember how much I loved and missed it until I was there...much less how much I love and miss our gang. How blessed we are with friends we know couldn't be more family if we shared the same blood.

Prison Break starts tonight. I know that if Wentworth Miller met me, he might fall in love. Of course, John says the same for him and Jessica Alba, and who am I to shatter that dream? I think odds are more in my favor since she just had a baby and seems pretty attached.

Finding the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I have already devoured the first book and will start the 2nd after Prison Break (boy, my life stinks, doesn't it...)

And mostly, I am so NOT annoyed at how, despite all my Gustavitis rants, I am so blessed. I have a great husband, great house, great kids I get to work with every day, great dogs, great friends, great family members and a FABULOUSLY put together dossier (if I say so myself) that's being translated and will bring my little Emma home.

So, I guess Gustav inspired annoyances really have purpose.


  1. I'm sorry too that you had to come home early -- that's so unfair to miss out on the little time you were already planning to be there!

    I miss you too!

    We were on vaca all last week and have just been enjoying the last days of summer NO dossier news to report yet.

  2. What a post! Glad to hear your dossier is so fabulously put together and ready to go!

  3. LOL...
    you crack me up...
    Love to read it though...
    Have a great Wednesday!!!