Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Acts

Well, what a great way to start my day! (And I was right, my weekend was WAY too short!)

A sweet, thoughtful and generously spirited woman works at my school. The kids all affectionately call her Mrs. K (which is good because I SO can't spell her last name!) and she is the pre-school para-professional. She is kind and always interested in others, and I know that she has SOOO much going on in her own life, but makes time for everyone else.

This morning, as I was signing in, she had a big box with a card on it. The card said "Emma J. Ennis" and I just couldn't believe what she was doing...she was giving me a present for my sweet baby girl--and we don't even KNOW where or who she is!! Inside the box was a beautiful blanket, hand-knitted with Italian nylon (very soft and durable) and decorated with knitted roses. I just couldn't do anything but cry, and remember that there are SO many wonderful people by whom I am surrounded! This woman has so many things going on in her own life, trust me, but still took the time to make something for my little girl...amazing. I was very easily and wonderfully reminded that God's love shines in so many ways and I'm so blessed to see it.

Now, of course being me, I left the flipping box at school this afternoon because I was in a hurry to go get my allergy shot, so I will post a picture of it tomorrow. I just can't say how deeply I was touched.

And, I have to say this because it is driving me MAD. I HATE HATE HATE those stupid verification boxes when leaving comments for blogs. I have no idea what drunkard puts those things together, but I DON'T READ DRUNK SO WELL. PLEASE MAKE THEM A BIT EASIER TO READ!!

Ahh...I feel better.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful surprise to get such a thoughtful gift! Maybe that means your little Emma was JUST born?!? Can't wait to see the pics of the blanket.

  2. that is a beautiful though.
    i am sorry you forgot it !! i am the same way don't feel bad
    lori we got our uscis back today i am so happy we are going forward and will be sending our dossier soon !!!
    send us a pciture of the box !!
    take care

  3. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh... how sweet.... that is so amazing and awesome...
    I so share your thoughts about the verification junk... I have the hardest time with it to.. and most times I have to retype it alike 5 times... LOL!!! Glad I'm not alone..... wonder if there is someway to remove it from our blogs???? hummmm.....