Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What am I in for?

Okay, friends...remember when I was SOOOOOO psyched to go see the New Kids On The Block concert with my dear friend Nanci???

Well...that psyched-ness has now given way to fear. Fear because I bought the CD, thinking it would be good to know some of the new songs and I am just so disappointed I can't even begin to tell you. (Okay, well, obviously that isn't true as I sit here and type about it, but I'm trying to express my state of mind!)

Songs like "Sexify My Love" and "Dirty Dancing"--which are pretty explicit in their innuendo, as well as "Lights, Camera, Action" (imagine making your own porno) and "Full Service" (where you don't even have to get out of your car) are truly terrifying me. NOT so much because I think they will play more of these new trash songs instead of the old, bubble-gum songs I want to hear, but more because this is the type of trash that girls all over this country (and now the world, as they have international concert dates) listen to and are swayed by and DON'T NEED TO HEAR. One song talks about how they are content with their girlfriend at home but there's this one "shorty" and, well...he can take a shower when he gets home so she won't know. WHAT THE HECK???? On what planet is it okay to propagate the idea that cheating on one's significant other is OK? Oh, wait, this one. More specifically, this country. And, sadly for Nanci (who loved Donnie) a majority of the songs (that one too) were written by him--or at least co-written. No wonder he's recently divorced. Maybe the plumbing wasn't working in his house the night he was dirty dancing.

I am so disheartened by all of this.

I hate to say it, but even if they DON'T play any of these songs at the concert, I will still probably have a hard time simply because I know what degrading and demeaning words they are standing behind. After listening to a lot of those songs, I feel like I need a shower myself.

So. Here's my plan. I am VERY excited to get to see Nanci again next week, and we will be sure to enjoy a nice dinner and wonderful conversation. THEN, at the concert, I know they will just take us down memory lane, probably play that Summertime song that is popular (and isn't THAT terrible, comparatively) and we will have a fun evening.

And then, I will have to pretty much leave the New Kids back on the block.
The chopping block, that is.


  1. I agree!! You know I feel kind of used in a way because this whole concert thing now seems like more of a money earning venture (of course it would always be to some degree) than that of truly wanting to walk down memory lane with their fans. The lyrics are just horrible and sadly I will not be able to share their old music with my daughter because I certainly will never allow her to listen to their new music!!!!

    I am SO glad I did not marry Donnie. I guess God has a better plan for me!

  2. You are so funny! Try to have fun at the concert :)