Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy bees burn out fast!

Well...I have the best of intentions and worst of applications sometimes with the things I plan to do with my time. One thing was to get pictures of the beautiful little blanket my co-worker made for Emma on here. So, here they are...

I just can't say how generous she was and how thoughtful her thinking of us is.

Also, Emma's bedding came in! We visited mom's this weekend to help fix up after some remodeling and I took it to show her. Turns out a framed cross stitch work that mom did long ago and was in John's room will go perfectly with her bedding colors, and therefore will have a spot in the nursery. Here are pictures of both...the cross stitch doesn't show the colors as vividly as they are, but they do match rather nicely!

We also got news that our dossier had been given to the Kyrgyz embassy last Thursday and we should expect to wait another 30 days or so for it to be released! I'm very excited about that, and content with the pace things are moving and the direction they are going! Love it when plans come together.

So..now, busy at school, busy at home, busy everywhere. I am going to see OPOTB (Old Perverts on the Block) Thursday and look forward to hanging out with Nanci and hopefully walking down memory lane (and not into the gates of hell)!

I know, I know...


  1. I love it all -- the blankets, the bedding and the FANTASTIC news about your dossier. You are getting closer. I love watching your progress!!!

  2. Congratulations on your dossier headed on over to the Embassy. Love your bedding and the hand made blanket.

  3. The blanket is beautiful and the beddig is adorable!! I love how the cross-stitch and the picture match...awesome!! You picked he perfect bedding :) I can't wait to meet your new little girl..

  4. It's all perfect! LOVE the blanket, bedding and cross stitch! I made a cross stitch of the same poem for Max when I was pregnant with him and then finally when he was 2 I made it into a pillow that he still keeps on his bed at age 16. Seeing your picture of that made me realized that I don't think I've EVER taken a pic of the one I made. :(
    I need to do that!

    Hope you have FUN on Thurs!

  5. Loved the bedding and how awesome about the cross-stich... what a great special hanging for Emma's room... that baby is going to be so loved.... I can't wait to see the pictures!!! yippee that you are one step closer!!!