Friday, September 19, 2008

When I am president, weekends will be longer!!

Okay, maybe a few adventures in my life may not allow me to run for president, but if I DID and if I WON, you can believe that weekends would be longer. It's just Friday evening and it already feels like the weekend is over--and only because I am just thinking of all we have going on! Hail and Farewell tonight, moving friends tomorrow, church, errands and clean-up Sunday...and let me stress clean-up could take days just by itself! I'm tired already!

I ordered Emma's bedding on the 8th and still haven't gotten it yet, so I'm going to have to contact them this weekend as well. It seems like it was a smaller company from which I ordered, so they may not even be open this weekend. I have to say, when putting myself through college, I did so in retail jobs. I HATED retail hours, but as a consumer, I always understood them. So, here's hoping this company does as well.

Off to start the chain of events that are my weekend...

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  1. I would vote if you ran for President! I don't feel like I've had a weekend in 5 months! Can't wait for my "summer" job to be over, so that I can just focus on the other two that I have :)

    Here's to longer weekends!