Sunday, September 14, 2008

Didn't even have to beg!

Well, this weekend, we had to go 'to town' as it basically is called here in good old Southern Maryland, and we went to Waldorf...which is not really a town at all, but a little closer than Annapolis (my pick ANY day) and as we had a football game to get back for (and thank goodness we were able to watch the near loss...hmmm...) we (rather, John) didn't want to be out all day. Sooo... since we were going, I had a few things to look for, and since they were at the mall, which is where John wanted to go anyway, that was ok. Then we needed to go to Petco so we could get some filtering apparatus--whatever. I knew that Babies 'R' Us was in the same shopping center, though, so I asked if we could go there, just to show John what kind of furniture I was thinking about (and secretly to look for Maria's little Ellie's valance for her luck, though)and John said, "Yes." No eye roll. No *sigh* "Yes." No "Hon, I didn't....(this is how he always tries to start of his admonishment, condescension, disagreement, whatever---"Hon," like that makes it better)"

Simply, "Yes." Rather, "Okay."

And when in Babies 'R' Us, I didn't immediately go to cribs, but car seats and strollers, and he followed AND even commented...of course the comments were, "Pink and BROWN? Yuck." (this was the Britax Marathon he was looking at)"You want WHITE furniture? What about the dark wood?" Or, his all time go-to remark, "Of COURSE you like that's the most expensive," which is not really fair because I am truthfully pretty cheap, I just like the thought of the best that I can have for my baby and if it is a little more money, we don't eat out next weekend.

In any event, the point is that he didn't put up a fight, he looked at things, gave some comments, which I will heartily file away under the "He won't know the difference/care/bother to complain about it anyway" category, and was almost a little bit interested. Emma will be one spectacularly lucky little girl, because doing all this NOW is a HUGE step for her daddy...I can only imagine what it will be like for John when she's with us. I might as well start buying all the "Daddy's Girl" gear I can now. Although, our spoiled little Dixie Belle already has a ton of that stuff anyway because she is SOOOO her daddy's dog. Guess she'll have to learn what it feels like to be second fiddle (and I third!) soon enough...since she was 5 pounds, 9 ounces at 6 weeks old, that's how I have felt! I'll be glad to show her the ropes!!


  1. Aren't you sweet??? I'm glad I could be the reason for a trip to a baby store. I fully approve of any trips to shop for baby items! And, if you hubby is like mine, he won't care and you can just get what you like and bring it home and he'll be like, "Oh, I like that!" I have found that buying things ahead makes it feel less expensive when the time to bring her home rolls around. By the time we got our referral and travelled for trip 1, we were pretty much set.

  2. That's nice that he's engaging with the baby shopping. It is FUN! You should start a baby registry... that's REALLY fun!

  3. yeah for Daddy....
    that is so much fun!!!
    can't wait to see all the cute stuff you've picked out...
    and btw... pink and brown rock!!!
    he'll change his tune'll see... :-)