Thursday, September 11, 2008

WOOOSH.... what my dear friend Natalie said she could literally feel as she read my post the other day, and I guess she is right. It was a frustrated rant (like I said, the rants and raves of my life) and I think dug at something deeper than worries I have for Emma. By something deeper, I mean insecurities and feelings I have about myself. Which is more than I feel like writing (or thinking) about right now.

So...on that note, no news on the adoption (other than it is still in translation) and I don't really expect much news these days.

Started choir again last night and I found out I have to commit to a vocal evaluation. Now, I see both sides of the choir coin--the worship choir leads and inspires and should obviously be an inspiring and leading group. It is a ministry. BUT, I also feel like those who want to make joyful noises (and yes, I can make some noise) should be able to without being told that due to their voice, choir isn't the ministry for them. I can't sing. I sing along. I am not bad when I have someone to listen to and fact, I'm even ok. But by myself...umm...well, anyway...I figure I'll go and see. If I feel intimidated (moreso than I already am) I'll just obviously not do it. And then never show my face again.

Ha ha. Just kidding.

Sort of.

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  1. I love singing too and enjoy singing in the church choir.We are not always in perfect pitch but,that is not important because it is about worshiping through singing and enjoying the spirit that it brings.God does not care how well you sing and no one else should either.Sing your heart out and enjoy.