Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photography Give-Away ... And Come Visit Me!

Remember this picture?

And this one????

And this one????

Remember me telling you about my AMAZING friend Kristine Pringle and her AMAZING photographic talents?  

So get this...she and two other instructors with her photography company are going to be holding a workshop in August.  She will cover the things all we 'Momtographers' want to know...how to get out of the little green automatic box and take some great shots!  She'll cover lighting, composition and action as well as the Big 3—Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO adjustments for those better, more-purposed pictures we all love and get giddy over when posted on FB and liked a million and three times!

I am going to go!  I've wanted to go to one of her workshops for a while now, and conveniently, this IVF cycle puts me up in NoVA just in time, ha ha.  The workshop will be on August 12 from 11 am-2pm in Richmond, VA.  We'll be in beautiful Maymont Park, and I cannot wait!

The best part?  Krissy has generously offered to giveaway a spot in this workshop for blog and FB friends.  How cool is that?  Come learn from an amazing photographer and meet me.  (Seriously...I'm joking about the meeting me part...You will fall in love with what a sweetheart she is and she and her co-instructors will ROCK YOUR WORLD with their mad skills...but I'd love to meet YOU!)

Because the workshop is so soon, I'll close the giveaway on Sunday, August 5.  She didn't have any requirements for entering (because she is just that precious), but I'm going to ask that you go to her FB page and 'like' her, if you haven't already.  While you are at it, take a look at her blog...her pictures are gorgeous, but I'm telling you...the stories she writes as she showcases them will have you in smiles and tears all at the same time.  

So, if you are in the Richmond, VA area (or driving distance!  I'm driving!), leave a comment and tell me that you visited her blog or FB.  Super, super excited to be a participant of this workshop, and super excited to share!


  1. I LOVE her work!! And have been a fan of hers on facebook for quite some time.

    August 12 just so happens to be my BIRTHDAY so that would be quite a gift to go! I am having so much fun with photography.

    I am within driving distance, obviously. And Maymont Park is one of my favorite spots! I've been going there literally my entire life! Gotta love Richmond :)

    This post makes me smile.

  2. I visit her blog often. I love her photos!

    AND I would LOVE to go!

  3. I want to come! Add me to the contest list! I have a race the day before, but Richmond is only 90 minutes away and I'd LOOOOVE to see you.

    Off to "like" her. (I love her photos anyway, so seeing her on my feed will be nice).

    P.S. Does she have any room for people who want to straight up pay for the workshop? I have been looking for something like this.

  4. I took Kristine's class before I had my daughter. I have been able to get some great shots because of what she taught me. I HIGHLY recommend the class!

    Amy Collucci

  5. awesome!! i've been a wedding photographer but can never get gorgeous shots like those!!! and yep- i liked her facebook page. i've been to her blog before. would be so awesome to come and learn and hang out with YOUUUUUUUUUUU! :)


  6. Wish I was closer! What gorgeous pictures on her blog.

  7. I would totally come just to see you, but we were just there to visit family and see the sites!!!

    Sounds so fun!