Saturday, July 28, 2012

Laugh Out Loud!

My sweet, sweet boy,

I just do not have any words to tell you how much I adore precious you are to your daddy and me and how you truly are the joy of our lives!  I pray every night that I get spend every day of the rest of my life letting you know how special you are to us.

You were feeling better yesterday morning, but woke up yesterday afternoon a hot mess...literally!  We gave you some medicine, and that perked you up, but still...Daddy and I were just disgusted with the icky fever you've had all week.  We just can't stand knowing you have something attacking your body and we can't do anything about it or even know what it is.  Daddy has been super busy this week and he's hardly seen you, so seeing you as pitiful as you were yesterday was hard on him.

I told him he should try being in, day out...just staring at you being so, so, so pitiful.  Having to hold your little arms down so they could get a urine sample...just awful.  I try to be realistic in knowing that you WILL have tears in life.  Things WILL hurt you and that's pretty much a part of life...

But watching you suffer, sweet boy...even with just some dumb viral thing...when you are that pitiful, my heart aches.

So we are SO, SO, SO thankful that you seem like you are back to your normal, happy, jolly self today!  You woke up at the crack of dawn, which is unusual for you, but you were so HAPPY!  You wake up every morning saying, "Ook? Ook?  Ook?" and Daddy and I are happy to indulge you in your love of books!  This morning was no exception!

You had such a fun day with Daddy! ( are all better when he's around to take care of you, ha ha!) I tried to step back some so you two could have time together, but I was so glad you were feeling better, I couldn't help but sneak in to giggle and laugh with you.  We went to Andy's for lunch, and you ATE!  You haven't eaten since Monday.  You even tried an onion ring on your own and laughed and laughed the whole time.  You took good naps, showed us your fun 'donkey' kicks and bubbles in the pool, ate a great dinner (you are hilarious to watch as you try to feed yourself soup, but you don't do too poorly!) and before I put you to bed, you curled up in my arms like a sweetheart as we said our prayers.  You have learned that when Mommy says, "In Jesus's name," you say, "A-en!"

I melt.

We are so busy every day it seems like too much I want to freeze time for just passes by and I don't document it like I should.  I want to remember every.single.amazing thing you do...and there are so many! You are a parrot these days...I cannot believe how many words you have and say and attempt.  You and Daddy go over your vocabulary book every day and you astound me with what you know.  You are really good at saying, "Ep Me?" when you need help, and even better at saying and signing "Please?" without me asking you to when you want something.  You KNOW you are supposed to sit on your bottom when you are on the sofa, but you love just daring me to take you down!  You have such a mischievous little smile—I was letting you have milk and you started to blow bubbles all over the place.  I said, "Oh, bubbles!" and gave you another sip.  You put the straw in your mouth, looked up at me with such a devilish little grin, and then smiled like you were going to blow bubbles and wanted to see my reaction.  Of course, I laughed and laughed.  And laughed some more.

I love you, precious boy.  You make my heart laugh out loud every single day.  Thank you!


  1. :D SOOOOOOOOOOOO glad to hear this!

    loving the idea of a vocabulary book.... hmmmm, sounds like a project i need to get into!

  2. he is sooo sweet!!! hope he is feeling better!!

  3. Oh, he's just too precious!

    I'm so sorry he was feeling so poorly, but glad he's feeling much better. I can imagine it's really tough to see your baby feel bad and not be able to help.

    It's good you are documenting all these memories to cherish forever.

    That melts my heart that he says, "A-en!" So sweet!! :)