Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our First OB appointment...

....was this morning, again with Dr. Davis. I like him a lot. He is friendly and personable, straightforward and forward-thinking. He recognizes that we have been through a lot to get to this point and respects us for being so mission-oriented. I had my list of questions and he was glad to see the notebook, even encouraged me to ask him the same questions again in a few months to check his consistency. A man after my own heart.

So...I'll see one of the three doctors about once a month, until about 30 weeks. Then I'll see one of them every other week until week 36 and then once a week from week 36 to delivery. We have first trimester screening on May 11 in Annapolis, where I should get another ultrasound, and he said they may even have me come back a few weeks later for another one in case some things they are looking for haven't yet developed. Then I will have an ultrasound between weeks 18-20 and that's all we'll see baby until he debuts. Unless there is a problem, which, much as I love the ultrasounds for peace of mind, I'd rather not have them if that meant all was well. We'll probably opt once, later, for the 4-d ultrasound--there's a place in Bowie that does them.

He's fine with me taking the acidopholus and Omega-3 supplements (of anchovies and sardines, no mercury) but would rather I take more of my asthma medicine. Obviously he is concerned about baby getting enough oxygen, and though there are far more instances now where I am out of breath easier, if I sit a minute and gather myself, I'm ok. I WILL take the albuterol if I am having an attack, as no breathing for me is really bad for baby, but otherwise, I am staying away from the class C drugs. He's ok with that decision as well.

He considers all pregnancies high-risk (love that) but doesn't see too much abnormal with me. The cyst? His opinion (a little less concerned than I'd like, but oh well) is "So what if it grows? We'd just have to operate, which we obviously wouldn't do."

"What if it ruptures?" I asked. His response? "Well, there'll be some pain and we'll deal with it." Oh. How easily that rolled off his tongue. I found out that the cyst is nearly as big as the baby! At this point, no one seems worried, but you better believe *I'm* on it. He also isn't concerned about the cramping (very little and more when I strain or cough) where my ovaries are. Normal, he says. Okay, he's the doctor, so for now I'll go for that.

As for the Cesarean...he didn't even want to talk about it since we are obviously way down the road. Let me preface this next part with the following: PLEASE don't email me or tell me that you think I am nuts because I want a cesarean delivery. A) I'm not SURE I want it, though I'm leaning that way and B) It's MY choice. Period. Yes, I know women have been birthing babies for thousands of years, yada yada...Great. MY bottom line is that I know my body better than ANYONE and I'm smart enough to make my own decisions based on my own research. I realize there are pros and cons to EVERYTHING...including getting pregnant in the first place...and I am entitled to my opinion and my desires. I'm not even 5 feet and I have the hips and pelvic bones of a 14 year old girl. Let's just be honest when we say that for me, a vaginal delivery may be a little more complicated than the average woman. Yes, I know little women (and 14 year old girls) deliver all the time, but I PASS out from straining. Yes, PASS OUT. I know too many women who tried to deliver vaginally and then ended up not being able to and if that is what is going to end up happening to me (and I have a strong suspicion since my mom had to have both my sister and brother cesarean and my sister had to have both my niece and nephew cesarean--none of us are/were big women) then I'd like to circumvent that from the get-go.

In any event, Dr. Davis and I (more me) agreed to 'revisit' that topic later. We will, trust me.

John liked Dr. Davis because he said he challenges me. I'm not sure that's a great reason to like your doctor because you'd hope you are on the same team. I like Dr. Davis because he's knowledgeable and respectful and has seen ALL of this--before Shady Grove even--as a mission to bring a healthy little one into our household. I'm ALL about that, so it's obvious we are on the same team. Make no mistake, though, friends. I am NOT a stupid woman and I do not make decisions lightly. The bottom line is that there's ONE MAIN player on Team Baby right now. That's ME. My first priority is to make sure I am healthy and comfortable so BABY is healthy and comfortable. I will not do anything that *I* think would jeopardize this baby--including taking my asthma medicine more like my doctor would like me to. I realize and acknowledge his expertise, and wouldn't be going to him if I felt it wasn't exactly what I needed with regard to Obstetrics care. It's his expertise that I refer to when making decisions and following directions.

But don't forget...I never, ever, EVER said my world would be over if I was never pregnant. If I was never a MOTHER, well, that's a different story. But pregnancy for me is the means to the end--a sweet little one to mother. I'm certainly enjoying all the neat and fun stuff that goes along with it, but I am NOT the gal that thinks we should frame the placenta or thinks that childbirth will be the most beautiful and meaningful process I'll ever be witness to. John keeps asking if I want pictures of my stomach growing. Is he nuts? WHY on earth do I want pictures of my bulgy, weird looking body? And I sure as heck am NOT going to want the whole thing taped or photographed. Ever watch A Baby Story? CHILDBIRTH IS GROSS. Thank you, but NO to the historical archiving of me pooping on a table in front of 5-7 of various people. I think I'll be just fine WITHOUT the memories of the gore.

Gone may be the days where you just walked in, they put you to sleep and you woke up with your baby, but as close to that as possible is exactly what I'd like the doctor to order.


  1. I've had ovarian cysts rupture twice. It's not fun, but certainly manageable. You'd be fine, and there are safe painkillers they can give you during pregnancy. I am glad you have a doctor who listens to you and answers all of your questions.

  2. *insert smart arse comment about you and your tiny little hips*
    Good gawd how did I end up with what looks like 2 pairs of hips!!!!! Not fair! Not fair!
    I'm with you on the whole childbirth thing. Those soaps make it look so dang easy. And not a hair out of place or a bit of smeared makeup! All that and they always give birth to an apparent 6 month old baby, who of course looks no worse for the wear either.
    Me, on the other hand, totally different story. I looked like I had been the victim of several atomic nooggies & sweating like a one-legged jockey. Not pretty at all.
    Keep those updates coming!

  3. Girl, I am an OB and Labor/Delivery nurse and I always said after watching my first vaginal delivery "give me a C/S anyday". I could never imagine pushing something the size of a freaking watermelon out my woohoo. Loving your updates!

  4. You GO girl! You know what works for you - gotta be your own advocate - am pleased to hear it seems like you have a doctor on-board with that and willing to listen and answer questions (a good find!). And, glad to read you are not framing the placenta; really hard to find the right-shape frame for those things!

  5. I think you're right that you might need a c-section and I have no doubt that you'll get your c-section. Any doctor who views every pregnancy as high risk does a LOT of c-sections. You're with the perfect doctor to get the delivery that you need/desire. It's GREAT that you know what you want and what you'll get. It's just so sad when women who don't want a c-section are duped by doctors like that who won't discuss it early on and then later those women feel like it's too late to switch to a different doctor. He CAN'T tell you right now that he'd LOVE nothing more than to do surgery and get paid twice as much for half the work because that's not ethical but trust me... he'll do it for you! :)