Sunday, April 26, 2009

Super hot weather and the Swine Flu

Not that the two go together, but they tend to be the topics of the day...

YEAH hot weather! I love it. I'm sure this summer I'll be hating it, but now, I love it! I love the sun, I love the warm weather and I love the COLD being gone. Have I mentioned how much I do NOT like the cold? Do NOT like to be cold? If not, let me emphasize now, I DON'T! At all. So, bring it on sunshine! I love ya!

Swine flu? As if I don't have enough things to worry about. So, in advance, forgive me for not shaking hands, using public pens, touching doorknobs or condiment bottles, drinking public ice or coming within 50 feet of you if you cough or sneeze. Wait! I do all that already! Yep, I think I'll be good. Seriously, people make fun of my germaphobia, but hey, if the World Health Organization says to do it, who am I to argue?

And before anyone thinks they need to email me and tell me about how it's good to expose yourself to germs, build up immunity, yada yada...don't. Trust me when I say that growing up, my mother (God love her) would NOT have won any Good Housekeeping awards. (Probably one of the reasons I am such a germaphobe as an adult.) I was in the backyard all the time--playing in and eating dirt, pulling crawfish out of a little creek in the back yard between our house and the house behind ours--and then eating them just to prove to George Forsythe that I would...believe me when I say that I had quite the childhood opportunities to build up immunity. And did I? NOPE. And that's medically documented. So, now, as an educated adult who has been diagnosed with a weakened immune system, I take precautions. You betcha.

My point is that yes, it is important to be exposed, to a degree, to germs to build up immunities. But one is nuts to just go willy-nilly germing it up all over the place in the name of immuno-building. All the germ-exposure in the world doesn't always equal immunities and keep you healthy. I'm living proof of that.

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  1. As Swine Flu is spread by human to human contact, and children are the # 1 spreaders of germs, it becomes imperative to educate children on how germs are spread.
    Young children don't spread germs because they want to, they don't know how NOT to.
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