Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Behind the picture...

Well, I have to say that though I wasn't excited about picture chronicling, I really appreciated all the sweet support! I told John that I'd do one picture a month for him. Though I *truly* can't see myself ever wishing that I had taken a picture and didn't, I certainly don't want to have that regret, just in case.

In any event, the point is that I took the picture for John. I have to give him another shout out because he has just been uber daddy-to-be. He cooks dinner every day, and cleans up after! He's been doing laundry like gangbusters. He has religiously been cleaning our bedroom--stripping linens and all--to keep it as dust free as possible since I'm not taking as much of my asthma and allergy medicine. He talks to baby every night, lips right to stomach. As I sit and type, he has just leaned over and patted my tummy--saying hello to baby--as he does constantly. Today he told me that while he was doing some research (yep, he is very willingly, and sometimes annoyingly, researching the heck out of pregnancy) he read that now that we are at 10 weeks, we lose some statistical miscarriage points. He also told me that yesterday was the end of the embryonic period. Oh, and sent me several videos about pregnancy development that he was dying to watch with me. All this, he does on his own.

When we were in Florida for spring break, we went shopping and he even helped me buy some things to grow in. Now, mind you...he HATES shopping. He can BARELY TOLERATE it if stores have what he calls the (forgive the language) "A**hole Chair"--you know, the chair that men sit in and pout while their wives are shopping the racks and trying things on. Yet, he was a very nice shopping assistant.

Much to his dismay, we will be using cloth diapers. I think they are better for baby, better for the environment and better for the pocket book. He is VERY squeamish about bodily functions from babies, if you get my meaning, but is still going to suck it up and do it. On the same token, not only does he fully expect a boy to shoot us up all the time, he knows the proper terminology for an item to help--the Peepee Teepee. Secretly, I think he's excited to buy one! Normally, he'd fight me tooth and nail if he didn't want to do something. Sadly, he's so stubborn that he'd probably win.

He's going to have to be out of town for about a month and a half--or more--this summer, and I'll be by myself. Normally I'd think he was being this nice and helpful because he feels bad about being gone. I don't think that's it, though...he's just absolutely and positively excited about baby and is not only totally stepping up to the plate, but going above and beyond.

The least I can do is take some pictures for the guy.


  1. He sounds wonderful. I am so happy for you. Speaking of cloth diapers. I dont really think I have the stomach for it but dont want to add to the landfills either. I am compromising with GDiapers. They have a flushable core and little plastic liner all covered by a very cute cloth outerlayer. If you havent heard of them google it.

  2. Go John!!!! Now, my $.02 on cloth diapers. I did buy them and was SO SO EXCITED and then we realized they caused yeast infections in Ellie. Just an FYI and not a naysay because I was ALL ABOUT it.

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  4. Don't worry about your man changing diapers. My own DH was all worried that a bad diaper would make him throw up! Then fate gave us a baby with chronic diarrhea, and he very quickly adapted. No vomiting ever happened!

  5. He'll be cleaning up puke like a pro in no time! Tim had to step up to the plate while I was recovering from surgery and the boys got sick. Tim also had to change those first few dirty diapers in the hospital...the ones that are like tar because I was hurting. No worries, daddies have stronger stomachs than they think ;)

  6. Sounds like you've gpt a keeper. (but by now, you probably already knew that).