Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just call me HRH...

Seriously...anyone who actually has met me in person (and especially knows about my alter-ego "The Princess") knows that whenever I am wearing the crown (Yep, I wear a crown in school. Often. For no reason. Other than I am a princess, of course.) and people call me "The Queen," I am *very* quick to correct them and tell them, "Nope, I'm just a princess. There's too much responsibility in being the Queen! Princesses just get to look cute, smile and wave!"

Well, thanks to pee-your-pants-funny Mala, looks like I am going to have to step up to the plate and bear the burden. The burden that is being QUEEN OF ALL THINGS AWE-SUMMM! How in the world is John going to live with me now? (Good thing I buttered him up with my last post so he'll be more amiable to treating me as the *Queen* I now get to be!)

As is the case with any acceptance of a royal title, there are responsibilities. They are:

1. List seven things that make you awe-summm.

2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers you love.

3. Tag those bloggers to let them know that they are now Queens of All Things Awe-Summm.

4. Don't forget to link to the queen that tagged you.

5. If you would like, copy the pic and put it on your sidebar so everyone knows that you're a queen. *OH YEAH!*

So, here are seven things that make me awe-summ.

1. I have AWE-Summm grammar skills. Yes, it is true, not only am I a grammar freak, but I have wicked grammar skills that back that freakiness up. I don't doodle in meetings--I diagram sentences. I read grammar books before bed to bone up. I cringe when I hear educated and credible people ask if you will just contact, "Lori or I," or some other 'sounds-like-it's-correct-but-it-SO-is-NOT!' statement like that. And though I do it sometimes, I really and truly try not to end sentences with prepositions.

*****It is at this point that I say to my husband, "What else makes me awesome?" and he, being the funny man he is, says, "That's about it." He's a riot, isn't he?*****

2. I have AWE-Summm husband picking skills! The line above proves it--he sure can make me laugh sometimes! While I won't say I had people beating the doors down, I will say that in the beginning hubby o'mine worked really, really hard to interest and enchant me. He thought I was some catch. He even won a gag award for 'Worshipping a girlfriend' because he was so into me. HA HA, sucker! Look who's vacuuming, cooking, cleaning up after and doing the laundry now?

Seriously, I have an AWE-Summm husband and he helps me be AWE-Summm.

3. I have AWE-Summm friends! Some I've had since grade school (thanks, Facebook!), some since John and I were a brand new married couple in the military, some just since we've moved to Maryland, some I've come to *love* through the internet, and some from relationships with parents and fellow teachers throughout all my years teaching. ALL are freaking AWE-summm, let me tell you. I am so deeply humbled and blessed by how many people have been overwhelmingly all about me--from the first day we decided to adopt to every time somebody talks about my belly. I have friends that are closer to me than flesh and blood family members, and truly, my friends are some of the biggest blessings in my life.

4. I have an AWE-summm sense of obligation to others. Now I admit, this often consumes me and I have a hard time pulling myself out of situations that I am 'helping' with to save myself, but that's just who I am. If you need it and I have it, it is yours. If you need it and I don't have it, I'll work hard to get it for you. And if you need it, I don't have it and I simply can't get it for you, my heart will hurt for you. I wouldn't trade my compassion for all the money in the world, but hurting for others takes a toll.

5. I am easily (but only once!) underestimated. People are often thrown by my diminutive stature and my girlish charm. HA. Screw with me or someone I love and watch me cut you to the quick. Give poor customer service or treat others with poor customer service and be prepared to be belittled. I worked my TAIL off through high school and college--ALL in customer service jobs. There is NO reason to act as if you are doing a favor to me by simply doing your job. Now, I'm not always proud of my ability, I admit, because I don't like being nasty. But don't doubt that I can be--and in a way that a good friend termed "Nasty Nice." Nice because I am smart, civil, justified, well-spoken (never a curse word) and most importantly, RIGHT; Nasty because you probably feel so bad about yourself after I've given you what-for, you'll feel like you need a shower. People don't expect this from me. Which makes me an AWE-Summm fighter for the underdog who would normally get the screw job from many people. Not when I'm around!

6. I have (or used to) an AWE-Summm memory---photographic in many instances. This was (and is) an incredibly helpful skill for me in school. I have the type of memory that got me good grades because I could not only remember where I read something, but I can remember the page, paragraph and sentence in which the information was found. Same thing with numbers. I can still remember my phone number from the house I lived in when I was 5-- 703-494-1305. Don't call that number because some poor schmuck in Northern Virginia will probably not appreciate it, but I promise, that was my number. As I've aged, I've noticed this AWE-Summm ability to be not as precise as in younger years, but I still can hang.

7. Last, and certainly not least, I am AWE-Summm because that is the way God made me. Period. I have an awesome God and I am humbled and blessed beyond belief that He calls me His own. Especially after admitting to the Nasty Nice.

WHEW! That was hard. Heck, I would have been honored just to be nominated, but that gal Mala made my day! There are a TON of gals I find Queens of AwE-Summm, but several I know who would kick my butt for tagging them when they are moving, caring for several children, already nominated, not feeling like blogging, etc. So, here are seven more (who may not mind being assigned a list!)I'm adding to the royal court!

Titanium Woman--Super mom and Super friend.

Rachel--Such a kindred spirit and funny gal!

Cindy--An absolutely AMAZING woman. May kick my butt because she's got an insane schedule these days, but regardless--totally a Queen of AWE-Summm!

Mandy--Cute beyond words and so dear to me!

Monica--More than a trooper...UBER-trooper!

Beth--Another unbelievably compassionate and funny gal!

Christina--Fabulous mom and advice giver!

Mala, thanks again for the honor. I promise, I'll do my best to maintain the reputation of the crown. Heck, I'm pregnant. There's not much I can do right now to dishonor it, is there?


  1. ahhh now I see where I stand!

  2. Your husband is a hoot!

    Hmmmm, another grammar nut, eh? Have you met Bev?
    I'm totally missing that gene. (ok, not true. In middle school I used to LOVE diagramming sentences. I had an awesome.. err, awe-summm, English teacher). But unfortunately, the spelling and grammar file was one of those files that were corrupted in my noggin's hard drive. Now, it's a real struggle. But I have you and Bev to remind me to try harder to be grammatically correct, otherwise it WILL be noticed. Dang, I need dumber friends.
    Enjoy your queenly-ness. You deserve it!

  3. Thanks for picking me - now I need to get that post done!

    It is really going to require some thought.

    Love you!

  4. Oh yes, I forgot to ask you...why do you not list your "freakish upper body strength"? Perhaps you need more than seven awe-summmms.

  5. you are my kindred spirit...but I have to do my Derby post first! And Alex thinks you're awe-shumm too.