Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Security Words

Okay...I am back to the miserable sinus pressure I had before Florida (I keep telling John I was MEANT to live in Florida!) and this weather doesn't help. So, I am presently warming my sinus pad, about to put some lavender oil on my cheek bones and will go upstairs for a little rest. Growing a baby makes one rather exhausted.

HOWEVER, I liked some of the security words I came across in blog-hopping and thought if they didn't mean something, surely they COULD if someone just gave them the right context. So, here goes:

PRIZED: (Easy, by the way) The little girl's selfless act was obvious as she gave her prized possession to her sad best friend.

GRALKLER: (A little harder) My sprinkler broke, so I had my husband buy the new multi-gralkling gralkler. Now the lawn looks great!

DENES: (Harder still, although in hind-sight, my Gralkler effort wasn't the best) The list you make when you can't spell. NOT the Dean's list.

Okay, those stink. In theory, this post was funnier in my head. Really.


  1. Its always funnier in our heads..still made me smile

  2. I have had thoughts on those words before too. I mentioned it to Mike how much i LOVE those crazy words becuase SO often they are so fitting and he just doesn't get it... doesn't "see it" like you and I. They DO mean *something* I'm convinced.

    but fyi... inguncom is what it's making me type right now. That's a weird one.