Friday, April 3, 2009

One healthy heartbeat!

Okay...I'm in BIG trouble (I thought pregnant women didn't get in trouble?) because we are leaving for vacation in Florida tomorrow (YIPPEE!) at 0:dark-thirty, and I have yet to pack, but I HAD to show off baby's 2nd picture... he's (I'm convinced it is a boy...though I did have, for the first time ever, a dream in which I had a baby girl! She had a head full of red hair and we called her Molly Jane. I'm attributing the fact that she was half-hamster to the crazy hormones running around in my body...) an itty-bitty little thing, but he's there and his heartbeat was looked like a little strobe light. They could even measure his heart rate--101 bpm.

I, of course, cried.

Okay...gotta run, John is going to KILL me if I don't get moving!

And yes, I am disappointed a bit that it wasn't twins, because that means one of my little fishies didn't make it and that's sad. I am absolutely over the moon, though, that this one did--and is doing EXTREMELY well!!!


  1. Have fun on vacation. It's early yet to decide what RF or BF (which are you going with?) is, but later, when they hear the heartbeat with the stethoscope or machine or what have you, the faster the number, the more likely it is a girl -- 150, girl, 120 - boy (or something pretty close to that). NOW, that might be a wive's tale and I'm sure I'll be corrected by those in the know, but it proved true for all my friends. :0 I'm SO happy for you!!

  2. I know what a relief it is to see and hear that precious heartbeat for the very first time. I thank God with you that he is thriving within your womb.
    As for BF, I am sad with you. However, twins are A LOT of work, take it from me. I haven't really been able to bond with either of them yet because I am always finishing with one just to begin with the other. I am very glad for you and RF that he will have your undivided attention. It is more precious than gold.
    Have fun in Florida!

  3. SUCH happy news today! I knew everything would go well, but it's nice to have confirmation.

    And let me know when you are available this week to meet up...SOOO looking forward to it!

  4. So happy for you!

    Ummmm, the heartbeat thing just isn't true. Sorry, Maria! Just like us, the baby's heartbeat varies throughout the hours and days, and whether the baby is awake or asleep. If you monitor for any length of time, it's all over the place. On average for the whole pregnancy, a baby female has a heart rate of 149 and a baby male has a heart rate of 149. :-)

  5. YAY!!!!!!!! SO happy for you!!!!
    Have a blast on vacation!

    (I'm sure that heartbeat thing may be a wive's tale, but my midwife totally predicted a girl for me because the baby always had a high heart rate.. and of course, she was right)

  6. I think the reason the wives' tale keeps going around is that you can guess correctly 50% of the time. I think people also remember when it came true and forget when it didn't.
    The heartbeat study was done on over 10,000 pregnancies, so very accurate.

  7. Congratulations!!! Wonderful news. Boy or girl, you are in for some serious fun!

    xo April

  8. YAY Lori!!!!! I haven't stopped in for awhile and I just knew that you would have good news!!!! =)I am so happy for you and can only imagine that your heart skipped a beat when you saw that test!!!
    I hope soon, I will be right there with ya!!


  9. So exciting!!! Have a fun vacation :)

  10. Great news!! Have a great vacation!!!
    :-) so glad you aren't burning the babies.. I died laughing at your humor!!!