Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Little Luke Lovin'

I have not updated about Luke in what seems like ages...with summer vacations and daddy being gone and transfers happening...Needless to say we've been busy!

But that doesn't mean there's not a lot going on with that boy!!!  It's CRAZY how much happens at this age!

He is still pretty scarred from the Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease. His 18 month appointment is July 12, and we'll talk to the doctor to revisit whether or not they are *sure* it wasn't chicken pox too.  It was horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE and the scars will prove that for a long time.  Good thing he is such a trooper!!  No more night time bottle; that was taken care of with HFM, and we are *mostly* down to pacis at nap and bed (or emergencies!).  That stinker is sooo smart.  His Wubbanubs pretty much have no suction left—We have two Cliffords, Froggy and Tank his triceratops (which is the emergency car paci!).  Three of the Wubbanubs stay in his crib, along with a regular paci attached to a clip.  When he wakes up, we look into the crib, and I say, "Bye Bye, Clifford (or Froggy)," and he tosses the paci he's sucking inside.

If he has the clip one, though, he refuses to...or he'll toss it, but he will then go right back to trying to get it out of the crib.

He knows which ones have suction and which ones don't.  Couldn't really care less about the ones with none, but boy, he wants that Bop (?????? Who knows?) with the suction!

Funny boy!

Painting Daddy's Father's Day card!

He is talking a ton.  He parrots EVERYTHING.  Starting to put two-word phrases together, like "Oh, no!" or "More, please," (still with much prodding from Mommy!) or "Bye Bye, Daddy!".  He says "blueberry" in the cutest way ever, and he calls just about anything you can dip, "blueberry" (as in his beloved blueberry syrup!)...ketchup (though he's started to say ketchup more!), ranch dressing, you name it...if it's dipping, he'll try it and usually call it blueberry.  He lives to dip, that one.

Food?  Still selective.  I got him to eat three bites of scrambled egg yesterday, because they were dipped in ketchup, but then he said no more and it was over.  He loves most soups, so that's how I usually get veggies in, and has just started to eat strawberries and some mango.  He's getting really, really good with a fork, and still so-so with spoon, yet that's great because letting him spoon his own yogurt (yogi) allows me to have some eating time too!  He's also getting really good at drinking out of regular cups, which he much prefers, though we often have little overspills!  That's ok, he's learning!

I've given up soda altogether.  I was pretty much down to only if at a restaurant, I'd have a ginger ale, but the last few weeks have been busy and I've been indulging in a Dr. Pepper a couple of times at the beach. 

Well, of course, he wants it.  And has no idea of why he can have so much of what mommy has, but not that?  And how do I explain that it's bad for him, but not for me?  I can't...because really, I don't think it's great for me and I've just given it up, cold turkey.  I have grains to make water kefir, but I'm ashamed to admit that they've been in my refrigerator for two months because we've been traveling so much and I haven't started them.

My new go-to?  Water.  Every morning, I slice a lemon and a lime...fill a pitcher with water and put half the lemon and half the lime in.  It sits all day, infuses, and I drink from it all day.  Get tons of water, it tastes great, and is sooo much cheaper than soda.  And he loves it.  I'm glad that he is pretty much a milk and water kid because Lord knows he'd like to be a sugarholic every where else he could!

Yes, he is my child.

He's in 18-24 month pjs, and they are getting tight.  He's taller and I just can't get over how much he is a little boy.  Some of my favorite things about him right now are how much he loves transportation!  Everything turns into a 'guck' and he 'vrrooooms' all over the place.  My heart swells seeing his cars (thanks Connie and Terri!) in the driveway, with him just moving them all around like he totally knows how it all works.  Love that innate sense of 'boy'!

No, he doesn't match, but at least he's wearing a shirt, ha ha!

The More buttons to push, the better!!!!!!

Naked Back Hoe, Anyone???

He LOVES water.  Loves it.  When I water plants, he comes over, grabs the hose, and drinks straight from it...then shakes it all over, getting himself and everything around him WET!  And then he giggles, giggles, giggles.

I love that I have such a little beach baby (we are there ALL.THE.TIME!) and that he's such a fish.  He's gotten super great at blowing bubbles in the water and laying on his tummy sort of 'swimming' around in his little pool. Swim lessons soon, for sure!

I was trying to stay cool by sitting in his little chair in his pool and that stinker kept trying to climb all over me and get me wet!!!!  That's ok!  I'll take snuggles when I can get them!

My favorite thing about this time right now is how much even more he is showing he loves music.  He picks up a beat anywhere and starts bobbing.  He sings to just about any song he hears.  He is really starting to pick up and copy and sing songs like Baby BumbleBee  and Slippery Fish and my favorite, favorite, favorite is him singing with me as I rock him before bed.

Every night since he's been itty bitty, before I put him in his crib, I've rocked him and hum/sung You Are My All In All.

For months, he's been humming back with me as he's drifted off to sleep.

Now, he's actually able to somewhat follow the tune and he sings with me.  He sings!

And so does my heart.  Every time he holds his hand out before a meal so we can say, "Thank you, Jesus!" or stands in front of Praise Baby and sings, "Holy, Holy, Holy," or his new one, "Amen!" at the end of the blessing....I just tear up.

Literally.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this sweet, sweet spirit I've been given. (Even when that sweet spirit is awfully salty, which is ALSO new with this age, ha ha!)

He is our sun and moon and stars and we could not love him any more.  I'm pretty sure he gets a good read on that with all the loving he gets from us!

Being his mother is such a joy and privilege.  I am so grateful.

I adore his little feet!

Some of the 'salty' we are seeing these days!  Still too darned cute to even get flustered by!

No pearl in here!

Here, Daddy...this is what you do!


  1. Love love love getting such a big Luke update!!!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Every picture is just. Perfect. I don't know what it is about kids drinking from straws, but I just adore it ... and the salty face?! Get outta here! ha ha ha!
    Love you guys and your precious boys!

  3. Such a beautiful post & such a handsome Luke. Growing up fast. Being a Mother is so Awesome.

  4. Love your boy, and his beautiful mama! xxx

  5. What awesome pics! That stinks he has had such a bad case of the hand, foot, mouth. My Nora has had it the last TWO summers. She only gets sores in her mouth though. I hope we can avoid it this year!

  6. What a precious boy! I love seeing how your heart soars! You are an awesome Mom, which is evident in the pictures of Luke and the joy that lives in all his expressions!! He is one beautiful little boy!!

  7. Thanks for sharing! He is a blessing to all :)

  8. Thank you for the big Luke update! He is so cute and sweet (and salty!). Glad to hear all is well with little Luke. I can't believe how big he is!

  9. He is just a doll. Love his little pool pics :). So Glas he's recovered (mostly) from hfm! Sorry to hear about the scarring though I'd say those will disappear over time. ? Praying for good news for you soon!!!

  10. Absolutely ADORABLE!! Love the update and hearing about all that Luke is in to these days :)
    I could just wrap him up and give him a huge you'll have to do that for me!

    p.s...YAHHHH about dropping the pop!! Proud of you!! I stopped all pop almost 7 years ago, and never looked back...though admit that the odd time I find myself remembering how tastey a nice cold slurpee used to be! But I just can NOT bring myself to drinking it. My BIL always jokes that he is going to give Evan pop...but they know the wrath would fall HARD if they did!

    Sending lots of hugs and love your way!!!!