Friday, December 26, 2008

The tears, they were a-comin'...., one of my (few) Christmas wishes was to go see Marley and Me on Christmas Day. We don't live in the mecca of movie theaters, and the one we felt was worth going to (although, in hindsight, NOT!) didn't start the movie until today. So, we trucked out there, spent our adoption fund (almost, even at the matinee!), and settled in to watch Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston live the lives of John Grogan and his wife as they lived with and loved their Yellow Lab, Marley. What was I thinking? When the book came out, I couldn't put it down--until the end--when I knew what was coming and just didn't want to finish. I KNEW the movie would end the same way, so, I guess I was asking for it. As you may know, not only am I an animal lover (dogs, in particular) and sap, I also am still in mourning of our dear, wonderful Flat-Coated Retriever, Random (we lost him nearly 3 years ago) AND the mom of Dixie the Diva...who, in my opinion, is The World's Worst Dog (Marley's title) and destroyer of much. So, this movie held lots of relative semblances to my life, and/or things I have lived with dogs.

Which, of course, made it all the more sad for me at the end. PITA (as Dixie is affectionately known) that she is, Dixie is the living, breathing proof of love that 21 six-year olds had for me, their undeserving but ever grateful teacher. She is the apple of her daddy's eye, and a barrel of laughs (and purposeful disobedience while she's at it) and I hate to think of the day something happens to her.

Raleigh, our old, distinguished, formerly abused and thankfully rescued sweet heart grows whiter by the day, and watching this movie just gave me a glimpse of the road I hate to think we will have to travel with him.

Mostly, it was a sad and all too true reminder of our last minutes with my beloved Random, as Random's end was very similar to Marley's. Three years later, and it still seems like yesterday that we watched his sweet brown eyes look up at us--not understanding what was going on with him, but trusting us and our love for him.

It's hurt like this that makes one wonder if it's all worth it--knowing that the end is certain...period. And then, one look at our goofy balls of fur, and I know that as much as it hurts to say goodbye, the time for which we have them and share their lives is priceless.

The critics didn't think the movie was all that great. If you like animals, you'll like it. If you like dogs, you'll really like it. If you love dogs, you'll love it. In any of those scenarios, though, bring tissues. And lots of them.

My beloved, sweet, wonderful, Random...the kindest dog heart in the world...

Our old man Raleigh Bear...he's enjoying the creature comforts more and more...

Dixie Belle the Diva...looking mischievous as usual...


  1. I was very excited to go and see that I'm thinking twice! I've never read the book, but heard about it!

  2. Hi Lori, fellow dog lover here and was looking forward to Marley and me until I remembered the sad ending. I, like you am still in mourning over my old Golden Retriever Dodger, who we lost two years ago now. I always say he was the love of my life and I miss him daily. We currently are surrounded by 8 four legged furballs and I know that I will be heartbroken each time we lose one.

  3. Dear Lori,
    I actually don't have a comment on this post but I have been wanting to post for awhile now because I can relate so much to your feelings and experiences regarding the pain of waiting, infertility, adoption troubles, trying to hang on to faith, etc. Often when I read your posts I am just shaking my head in agreement. Just know that someone in upstate NY feels your pain. And I pray that 2009 truly is the year of your baby!!!

  4. Lori, I know I am way behind the times here, but I am going back and reading some of your older posts that I missed. I haven't had a chance to see the movie yet - I am sure I will though. I really loved the book (it did make me cry buckets). My favorite part was when Marley stood over John, guarding him in the night time when disaster struck their neighborhood. Did the movie portray that well? It gives me goosebumps to even think about it. I thank God for giving us such wonderful animals - they really enrich our lives. I loved Random too - and I cried when I read your post because since I don't see you much, it is easy for me to pretend that Random is ok and still living at your house. Colin and I live in constant fear regarding how much time we have left with the Bean. Love you!