Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leave it to General Hospital...

Okay, not that I am a fervent watcher, but for the last 30+ years, I have been involved in the lives of everyone ranging from Bo and Hope to Clint and Viki to Luke and Laura...throw in some Reva and Josh, a little Theresa and Ethan, even a teeny bit of Greenlee and Ryan and Nick and Sharon, and yes, I guess I could call myself a soap fan. I very vividly remember watching my mom's shows--Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live and General Hospital with her growing up. (I know, I know...not the best material for a kid growing up, but I've always been mature. Ha ha) My sister and I used to play "Bo and Hope" when we were little. (I always made her be Bo because I just loved Hope) As I got older, I really got into Guiding Light and just sort of traced General Hospital. A while ago, GL just lost my interest. GH sort of picked it back up. One Life has been in and out, and Days has always been a staple, even if I have to follow it through magazines and the internet updates.

Okay, so now that the shameful and embarrassing part is over, the lead-in has led up to this...today, on General Hospital, Emma Grace was born. Which leads me to a quandary in that our Emma is going to be Emma Jane, though I can't count how many times I have said, "I sure wish my mom's name had been Grace, because I would love an Emma Grace." And now some cheesy soap opera has done it, and in doing so, sort of tainted Emma altogether. Yes, I know I just said I was a soap fan, but more of a closet one (guess not anymore) and I TOTALLY realize the wastes of time they are and the complete and total cheese factor that goes into them. Not to mention that a lot of soap world really epitomizes so much of what is wrong in our society on TV and I WATCH IT!

So now I get to hear over and over, "Emma this," and "Baby Emma that,"... I'm watching two fake people talk to a fake Emma and being thankful for her. And I'm SO JEALOUS. How sad is that?

Good thing I already bought the EMMA letters for her nursery, huh?

On another note...
Here's praying for our new leaders...they're gonna need it.


  1. HAHAHA! I know at least one Emma Grace, and actually maybe two. Don't feel bad. I do love the name Emma.

    Hey, I tried to find you on facebook...email me your last name so we can be friends! keydarren@bellsouth.net.

  2. Great post. I have always been a Days of our Lives fan. I liked Bo an dHope, John and Marlena, and that patch guy and sweetness??, but I think he is off the show now.

    Anyway, no worries on the use of Emma. I almost abandoned Evan when some silly reality TV show guy had that name!

    I have to say that I always pray for our leaders no matter blue or red, but this time I think America got it very right. I pray that I am right on this one.