Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Challenge? What challenge?

WOW! How just a few short days, $1000 was raised to help some children in a country far, far away...go here to read what John has to say about it. More, pay attention to the fact that they are looking to sponsor a second orphanage with the same deal. With Black Friday being two days away, surely one could hold on to that $10 you know you would spend at Cinnabon or Auntie Anne's when hitting the crazy mall and send it very quickly online right here. Or, better yet, save the trip to the mall, pick some people you truly love and know will appreciate the wonder of GIVING to others and send what you would spend on them to the new challenge. Then print it out, show them the pictures John has on his site, and let them know what your gift on their behalf will do for those children. Know that your heart will be touched, but more than that, so will so many others'.

Oh, okay...I won't lie. I think the pies that are going in faces is really a fun way to help build momentum. I like to watch pie in face just as much as the next gal.

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  1. Many thanks Lori, and many blessings your way this holiday. May the next bring joyful laughter of little ones. I'm still trying to get to your email, perhaps tonight.

    God Bless You and Yours!!
    May God Bless Those We Don't Know1