Monday, September 17, 2012

In Other News....

We are still chugging along in this cycle.  It's not as fabulous as in January, but oh-so-much-better than last month.  It's better than Matthew's and Luke's cycle, though probably not retrieving as many eggs as I did in either of those cycles.

That's ok.  It's quality over quantity and hopefully, the adjustments for extra maturity of the eggs will make a difference in the quality.  I went in Saturday and there were 4 follicles that were a decent size and dominant still and thirteen smaller ones.  My estrogen that day was 297, which is WAY better than Matthew's was on that cycle day (102) and Luke's (don't remember, but it was around 100ish).  As I predicted, my medicines were upped a bit (not all the way maxed yet, though!) and today was a recheck.

Much nicer.  About 8-10 follicles with promise; my estrogen was 635 and SO much better than at this point in Matthew's and Luke's cycles—with Matthew, it was 308 and with Luke, it was 321.  With Trey, it was 1282 (CRAZY) so 635 is a nice medium.  All seems well, and we are on target for a Saturday or Sunday retrieval and a transfer 3-5 days later.  I feel good about it all.

The other news, which has sort of been rumbling around for awhile, is that John will be switching the squadron with which he is working, and will be going out with a different squadron soon.  Much sooner than we've been planning.  I've never been one to worry about people knowing he was gone because I am A)naive and B) usually lived on base or in a neighborhood I felt very safe in.

I still am not worried about people knowing he is deploying, but in the interest of security for ALL, I will never publicly disclose anything about what he does or where he is.

While ALL who deploy put themselves in harm's way, suffice it to say that where he's going has not been pretty lately.  AT ALL.  Marines have been killed and are dying pretty regularly, and it's just so sad.  The nice part about him leaving earlier than expected is that if this cycle works, and we should be bringing another baby home sometime in the next year, he will hopefully be home not too long after that happens.  We also are planning on taking Luke to Disney a bit earlier than we thought.  We've always wavered about spending that crazy amount of money to take a child at an age that he may be able to get more out of it than when he's Luke's age, but frankly...we live to minimize regrets.  Going to Disney before John leaves works with that plan.

Thankful in advance for your prayers for us and all service members everywhere.


  1. I know a lot of people think he is too young to really enjoy it, but he will LOVE IT!

  2. Lori - I so "get" you. I love reading this blog because every post feels like I could have written it. Thank you for EVERYTHING you write because it always helps me process my own emotions.

    As a bonus, my (best) little brother is a Marine (crew chief on a helicopter) and I'm partial to what other families, like mine, have to go through. Keep your chin up and tell your husband "thanks"! That brotherhood helps keep the guy that I dearly love, safe.

  3. I was one who thought it was silly to take a child to young to remember to Disney. Then Matthew died and my whole perspective changed. It is as much for you as it is for them, and Disney is magical at any age you can imagine going. We took Kaitlyn when she was 3. She doesn't remember all of it, or even most of it. But, she still talks about what she does remember all the time.

  4. I'll be praying for you and your family. Disney sounds great!

  5. Loving this post, loving you chugging along, loving going to Disney--Sean has thusfar refused to go any time soon. I considering using running as a good excuse in the next year or two ;) But I HAVE to run the Disney Princess Half!!!!

    I'm not sure you know how much I love and appreciate our military, many who are dear to me have served, some still serving and some gone! I thank you and John and all others who serve an sacrifice all the time! My friend's husband just left yesterday, did I mention they are in the middle of an adoption in Haiti for a sibling set?!?! Yowza! So prayers for y'all, for them, and all who serve!

  6. DisneyLAND or DisneyWORLD? Please say Disneyland, then I can come meet up with you!!!!! Luke will LOVE it! Glad to read your update on your cycle ~ I will be praying like always!

    Hugs to you,
    Donna in CA ;)