Monday, August 11, 2008

Staples, I love you, but....

Okay, I am getting pretty tired of Staples. Cool as they are and all...Friday I couldn't get to the clerk of court to certify anything but figured I'd copy everything. Glad I did, although, I realized AFTER I had copied 6 copies of everything that a couple of John's med things were wrong. In fact, I think I wrote about that. So, anyway, he got the last two things we needed fixed this morning and I picked them up, went to the doctor (my allergist, who God love him, said he'd fill out any medical certificate I needed as I was paying his mortgage and it was the least he could do...he's a riot!), got retested for my allergies--which I was NOT expecting, but well overdue, and then had to get blood work done for my allergist because he's looking into my immunodeficiency issues. THAT took forever, but I finally headed to our county seat to get everything certified. On the way, my nurse, or at least the poor gal stuck with me because my official doctor is some random chick just assigned to me because my other doctor left, called me and told me she could get me in to see the new doc for my well-woman and to talk to her about the adoption in two weeks. Which is WAY better than a month. So, small progress there, I guess, but as I said, my allergist is pretty much my main man and hero, so the new doctor may just have the pleasure of referrals and annuals, lucky girl! I digress...

So, I get ALL the documents certified, which totally throws off my 'packages' as my agency puts it, because they have to put their certification over every notarized stamp and some of the packages have those notary stamps in weird places. PLUS, they don't staple any of it. If I want a package stapled, I staple it, but they still put the certification ONLY over the notary stamp. Which is hilarious because that is NOT how they did it in Anne Arundel county--THEY had to staple anything I needed together as a package. Ah, Maryland. Anyway, I wait for a while, dish my moolah out, and zoom to my new boyfriend--copier number 3 at Staples. I copy all the certifications and then realize that two things were NOT certified and one was stapled to the wrong thing. UGH. So I drive BACK--racing against time now as the clerk of court is about to close. Thankfully, I got there in the nick of time, and all is well (I hope) and I am off tomorrow to pick up the home study and then to authenticate soon as the marriage certs come (should be Thursday/Friday at the latest) then look out, Adoption Ark, because HERE IT COMES! I'm so ready to be done with this...My favorite part of the afternoon? Realizing I had to drive ALL THE WAY back to Leonardtown and HOPE I could get there in time, calling John to tell him, and having him tell me (after he didn't even hear a word I had said) "Lori, I'll call you back. I'm dealing with my own issues right now."

OH! Because bringing his child to this country is N O T one of his issues?

Because doing the work that seems like it has been another full-time job just so HE can build her a freaking rocking horse and look like flipping Santa Claus to her while I probably handle the giardia that I just know she is (poor baby) bound to have doesn't warrant the ISSUE scale for him?

Oh, that boy of mine. Sure is a good thing he is cute.

For the record, he did call back and apologize for that comment. Whether it was out of true remorse, or the fear and realization that he was going to TOTALLY hear it when he got home, I know not. In any event, as a result, I told him her name was Emma and that's that. Last night, or the night before, can't remember, we came up with names he likes: Hannah, Sofia, Caroline, Abigail. Nice names. But like I said, I've just been thinking she's Emma. He has been pretty adamant about not preferring Emma Jane. Well, guess what that little comment cemented in the baby book? Yep! Emma Jane she is.

Or will be.


  1. OMGosh! I love that part too where he says he has his own issues at the moment! ha! You are right that they dion't even have a clue as to how much WORK that darn dossier is. It's brutal. I didn't even write about it on my blog but I had a similar experience with the authentications on the FINAL day I was pulling it all together...they authenticated something but didn't stick the GOLD sticker on the paper! I zoomed back there at the last minute ran in and the girl was on the telephone and I just held up the paper and she was like oooops! She stuck the sticker on and I RAN out again because I had parked in a spot that only had 15 min till it turned into no parking with the threat of ticketing or towing.

    You will be SO loving life again when you finally get rid of that dossier. Good Luck!!!

    (((and FYI I did call you back... you got my message, right? I'm assuming you didn't need my help afterall?)))

  2. Please don't name her Sofia.

    If Emma Jane won't fly, I suggest Emma Joy.

    Large grin.