Friday, August 1, 2008

Kudos to the FBI

Well, thank goodness SOME government workers (I know, I know...there are lots...remember, I am a Marine wife) take their jobs seriously and are angels in disguise! You may remember Sharon from the FBI (yesterday)? Well, she just called me and told me that there were several processes that our FBI cards were in, but that she had great people working for her and they handwalked the letters of procedure to her and it would all be in the FEDEX envelope I sent them today! Of course, as one obstacle moves, another presents itself...John's medical is current, but his doctor's license expired 3 days ago. Ha ha. If it isn't one thing, it is another. I guess this is just God telling me that I obviously need to continue gathering things for her. Speaking of her, Emma Grace and Emma Jane keep rising to the top of the name list. I know lots of people like Emma Grace (including John) but Emma Jane DID win our poll (ha ha) AND Jane was my mom's name AND it means God's gracious gift and at this point, I'm looking at her in exactly that way, so...again, it's obvious that I have time to mull the names over, but more and more as I think of her, I think of her as Emma...


  1. Well that's all good stuff in my opinion. Atleast when you get the renewed license it won't expire for a long time. Our Dr. license expires 12/31/08 and I'm wondering how much trouble that will cause us? A says it should be fine tho amazingly! I had expected her to be worried over that. And YAY good job FBI! And good job Lori for bugging them to get that to you sooner.

    I do like Emma too. That's a beautiful 4 letter name that goes well with Lori & John.

  2. Three cheers for the FBI! They have always been my favorite crime fighting agency. Hopefully all you will need to do is get a copy of the doc's new license and call it done.
    Emma Jane has always been my favorite. That is the one I am pulling for!