Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So much for thinking we were fast!

Well, apologies to all who think I brought on these rains we have had lately!!! Our power was out for the better part of the night/next am, and mom's basement flooded...who knew? I just wanted to have my allergies clear up some. Which, I sadly cannot decipher because this bronchitis just doesn't seem to be getting much better, or could just be getting better and masked with allergies....I don't know. I sure would like to be able to breathe again, though.

So...thought we were pretty fast with our homestudy, did you? Yeah, me too. Except now we wait...for child protective services. Our SW can't complete the report without them. And, since they are not necessarily known for their speed and efficiency, we wait. Which puts everything else off. Which means that I may NOT have our dossier in to AA by June 14th. Which would SUCK because I will be out of the country for a month and wouldn't be able to get in until July 17/18 at the earliest. Which means our official wait may not begin for who knows after that--translation, authentication, etc...So, the 3-10 months that AA gave as a time frame, if that still stands, puts me into gosh...mid-summer next year, maybe, before we may even make a first trip, much less a second. John doesn't see the huge problem with this, but I told him I was one step away from quitting and standing behind the counter at McDonald's if I had to be at school ONE SECOND longer. I know this summer will be a nice break, and that next year's kids won't be as challenging (dear Lord, I hope) so it may not be as bad as I am dreading, but I really and truly had my heart set on having a baby girl this time next year. I just hope that CPS gets a move on and the report gets done quickly. Then I pray that USCIS gets done quickly. At this point, it seems doubtful, but I am not done holding out for my June dossier submittal just yet. Not yet.

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  1. yeah it's like as far as we thought we had come on relinquishing our control over this process then as time frames start to stretch even longer we have to let go even MORE.... and it's so hard to do. I thought I was fine with it will happen when it's supposed to happen but we're in a really boring waiting place now. I'm still telling myself waiting for a referral will be easier than this!

    Could you do something else with your degree like teach adult ESL (I have a friend who does that) or anything else while still using your teaching experience? Maybe manage a tutoring facility? just throwing some thoughts out there.