Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Lord giveth...

Well, ask and ye shall receive. We have had rain. I forgot that rain also forces indoor recess, which, might as well be one's own personal little hell, but I am still thankful for the rain. It makes everything so nice and green, and saves me from the pesky job of watering everything while John is gone.

I do have bronchitis, though, so, as expected, allergies may have started the whole misery I have been dealing with for the last week, but those little infection buggers took over. The medicine seems to be helping, but much more slowly than I would like. I am thankful for weekends so I can rest and recover, but feel so pressured to get so much done, I'm torn.

We got a very personable and fairly informative update from our agency. It seems as if lots has been going on and our caseworker's emergency leave was for the bringing home of her own little girl from Uzbekistan. I am very excited for her, and find it kind of funny that she may have been going through a lot of the same things I have. Although, she obviously has a little more of an 'in' than I do! After this last email , I feel a bit better, as if they are understanding of the fact that we are all seeming a bit uneasy and they want to make things better. Not to mention, I still am hoping that the multiple ties my agency has with the culture of Kyrgz and the whole Eastern European bloc, for that matter, might still be the advantage I thought it was in the first place. Of course, that's my own theory, and that plus $3.79 will buy you a gallon of gas...

And the Today show, with their Favorite Mom contest? Categorizing moms, and putting adoptive moms in the "Non-mom" category??? What the heck's up with that? I fired a letter off to them and the rest of their sponsors. Along with, apparently, enough other people to get the category changed to "Adopting Moms," though I'd still prefer no categorization. But, whatever...ignorance is ignorance, on a big or small scale, and sadly, exists. And always will. So, in baby steps, I will fight it as I can.

Boy, do I love the comma. In rereading this, and other posts, I find I use it a LOT. Then again, I have always been told I write like I speak. Apparently I live for pauses. Ask John, and he'll tell you that they are dramatic pauses. He's right.


  1. your writing is perfect , i love to read you, feels like talking to you direstly :)
    yes it was nice to hear about ally ! can wait for our turn ! feel better

  2. I feel you on the commas; they are delicious!

    Hooray for Ally! Wish she had shared it with us even a little bit though.