Thursday, January 17, 2013

YAHOO For Technology!!!!

This morning started off FABULOUSLY!

Granted, I'd only been asleep for a few hours (I'm an insomniac anyway!) and the phone rang in the middle of a CRAZY, CRAZY dream...but at 4:06 this am, my phone rang telling me John was trying to contact me via Facetime.
Good Morning!
Steve loving you this morning.

John is at a midway point to where he'll ultimately be, and after he leaves this point, I will not really post much in the way of pictures like this unless he says it's ok.   He will probably not have anywhere near the access to this either, and I understand.  It's truly a matter of national security.

That said, I'm loving being able to see and talk to him when I can, and this morning was no exception.  He called again after Luke was up and eating breakfast and Luke is just starting to actually get that he can communicate through the phone...he was sending kisses, watching Daddy be silly and making faces.

What Family Portraits look like in military families these days....
I loved it.

We had our first deployment bloodshed.  Walking up the stairs to nap, Luke must have tripped (I was already at the top of the stairs waiting for him) on his recorder (he plays his 'whistle' to help develop oral muscles) and he popped his lip pretty well.  Poor boy.  He's a trooper, but he actually wanted comfort from me, which is pretty rare. (His sensory issues don't lend him to feel pain as much as he probably could/should.)  After a minute or two and some mommy kisses, he was fine.

This evening, as we were getting ready to run out for a meeting at church, the power went out.  Thankfully I'd already had his dinner prepared and he was (somewhat) eating it.  I have several flashlights in the closet, but on my to-do list was replacing batteries before the spring.

Yeah, will be doing that tomorrow am.

More fun?  My car was stuck in the garage!  Keep in mind that we've not parked that van in the garage for the year and few months we've lived here because there was too much JUNK in there until just the last week.

Seven days.  If that.  We FINALLY got it cleaned out to park and then the power goes out and it's stuck.

Yes, I could have done the emergency cord, but more trouble than it's worth.

We hopped in the truck.

I've not driven that truck in years.  It's HUGE.  It's a Ford F250 and I am a LITTLE bitty girl in a BIG OLE TRUCK.

That needed gas, ha ha.

I was rushing to get Luke in (he was throwing a fit because he's used to getting in the truck and playing with the garage door opener...which was obviously not working) and there he and I were trying to climb in the old monster truck at a quick pace.

Oy.  Our second deployment bloodshed was my skinned shin as I dropped out of the truck, haha...

I figured out where the gas tank was, filled it and parked very awkwardly in the church parking lot and went to my meeting.

Midway through, I got another Facetime attempt from John!!!!  I tried to take it but couldn't with my church's wifi settings and was so aggravated. I was able to tell him to try again in about 20 minutes, but guess what????

My sweet neighbor told me that our power was STILL OUT!

No wifi at my house either.

Dunkin Donuts to the rescue!  I asked Luke if he wanted a donee, and we headed there for their wifi.  While we ate sprinkles in the truck (daddy would cringe even more than him cringing at me driving his truck!) we waited for him to call us.

Dunkin Donuts, God love you, but your wifi service isn't the best either!

Luke was tired, I was tired and frustrated with the multiple failed Facetime attempts and I just finally squeaked in to John that we had to go home and maybe he could try later.

No success as we sat outside Dunkin Donuts trying to connect.  Luke's back there, I promise!
THEN my neighbor texted to let me know the power was on!  Hooray!  We got home and were able to talk to Daddy.  There were all sorts of electronic issues as a result of the power abruptly going off and HOORAY for Daddy being able to troubleshoot with me and get the power all working again.

Luke was BEYOND tired, but still...was glad to see Daddy!
I'm mostly back up and running.  I'll figure out the rest.

LONG evening, and yet...

I remember days of deployment where if I missed a phone call, I might not hear from him again for a couple of MONTHS.

Seriously.  I was lucky to get letters every week or so.

So I will not complain.  Power outages and frustration with Apple TV and routers and modems and facetime and ichat and google talk and all the other gobbledy gook is NOTHING in the big scheme of the way my heart flutters when we are able to see John.

Love it.  Love it.  Love it.


  1. I'm so happy you were able to face time with John!! My husband was in Iraq in 2008-09 I remember what it was like waiting for a phone call and to be able to skype! I bought this wireless internet usb thing so I could have internet wherever I was. I literally brought my lap top everywhere just incase he was able to get online! My heart is with you over this next year! Hoping it goes quickly for you, Luke, and John! I will ve praying for all of you!!

  2. Love. So glad you can soak in these moments talking to him. Continued prayers for the three of you.

  3. YAY and booo for technology. But for these precious Facetime visits...totally YAYYYYY!!!!