Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TriCalm—A Review and Giveway!

You all know my boy has the.most.sensitive skin.

Everyone says their kid does, I know.  People get really, really protective of their skin issue remedies.

I get it.  We all want the best for our kids, right?

So, I am always, always, always looking for things for poor little Luke that are steroid-free.

This boy has eczema so terribly that he has three pretty strong prescriptions for flare-ups, two of which thin his skin and leave it hyper-pigmented ala Michael Jackson.

Not loving that.

TriCalm offered the opportunity to try their new, steroid-fee anti-itch gel and I jumped on it!

All-natural? Yes, please!

Steroid free?  HOORAY!

The main active ingredient is an all natural product from a vegetable.  I am all about that.

I couldn't wait to try it on Luke's right elbow—the main eczema culprit.

The first time I did, he got very agitated.  Scratched at his arm.  Looked at me like I was nuts.

Next night, same thing.  He did not love it.  I did notice that his skin looked a little less angry, but he normally has no problem letting me put creams on him (so used to it!) and did not want this one.

I tried again, though...same thing.  It seemed like it was uncomfortable for him, so I stopped.

We had an appointment with his dermatologist a few days later.  I just took that tube right to the professional.

She liked it!  She liked the ingredient; liked the all-natural aspect, and liked that it was steroid free.

BUT, she warned, she would not use it on his eczema because it is an astringent, and that could burn the inflamed skin.

Which is exactly what had happened.

That was my fault, though.  TriCalm specifically works to prevent itching and irritation—and the one PLUS to Luke's eczema is that it looks far, far worse than it seems to bother him.  Well, that and his sensory issues somewhat prevent him from being as irritated as he should, but that's another story...my point is that his elbow had opened skin, but though the eczema was that bad, it wasn't itching him.  I shouldn't have used it on his broken skin.

Talking with his dermatologist more, she told me she thought it would be great to try in the spring and especially summer with bites.  Much like my son, I have pretty sensitive skin too and welt like you read about with bites. I think this would be GREAT for those bites, and so did she.  It's main ingredients work against histamine releases, which typically is why skin itches when bitten.

I usually use essential oils for bites and such, but I love having another all-natural product in my arsenal, and especially for Luke.  Especially in the spring and summer here in sunny, swampy North Car-o-li-nah!

So, if you head over to Tricalm's Facebook page, you can get samples.  Better, they are giving ME two free tubes to give to YOU!  Simply enter the giveaway below and I'll pick TWO winners this Sunday, January 27.

I'd love to know what you think of it too!

• Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who receivedit directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetSM blogger, Iagreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. Myopinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May MediaGroup LLC or the manufacturer of the product.


  1. I like oils too, but always looking for some other natural products. Kaitlin gets some dry eczema patches occasionally. THis might work for her.

  2. This product might be made for my family too. Would love, love, love to have something natural for the bites and such.

  3. I love using garlic to calm ear infections.
    Bryce has super sensitive skin too.

  4. My youngest son gets eczema pretty bad in the winter and, after doing some of my own research, found out that dairy contributes to eczema(as well as ear infections). A good friend is adamant about what shows up on the skin is because of something not agreeing in the tummy. It makes sense because our skin can break out from too much junk food or chocolate. I'm not sure how much dairy your little guy consumes everyday. The only switch I made was cow's milk to almond milk because I knew my son would get enough calcium from cheese sticks, grilled cheese, spinach, etc. We also made sure there was a humidifier in his room and I ALWAYS put lotion on his skin after bathtime. Good luck!!

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