Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekend Winner!

Knowing how scientifically minded I am (not!), it should not surprise anyone that the method to choose the photography workshop winner I used was...well, rudimentary.  And, pretty dependent upon a cooperative little boy.

Which is hit or miss these days!

So, I labeled lollipops with the names of people interested in the workshop, stuck them in a very secure (ahem) bag, and allowed him to pick a lollipop.  He could not WAIT to get in the bag.  So much so, that when he pulled the pop out (minus the label, so I had to go in the bag and see whose label had fallen off and who had won), he was NOT thrilled with me taking time from opening the pop to get the label.

He threw a fit.

And continued to as I tried to take pictures of him with the lollipop.

"Be-bop!  Be-bop!  Beeeeeeeeeeee———booooooooooooop!!!!"

So, Julie, do not take it personally that he was throwing your name paper away as he was desperately trying to get me to open the lollipop!  He is excited you won, and so am I!

Sunday will be a blast!!!

I think that all the people who entered and I need to get together and see if we can get Krissy's next one too...I would love to meet/see you ALL and that would be so much fun!!!

Hmmmm...perhaps an idea!

Congrats, Julie!  See you Sunday!
"Lemme at those 'Be-bops!'"
"I want THIS one!"

"I don't care who won!!!  Just open the Be-pop!"

"I don't want this paper!  I want the Be-pop!"

"There, Mommy...there's a picture.  Sort of."

A MILLION times happier now that he has the Be-bop!