Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Heat Is ON!

In more ways than just the sweltering temperatures, the heat is on for sure!!!

Our movers come in two weeks. That's right...in two weeks, I am supposed to have my house belongings into three piles-- stuff that goes to NC for the next few years, stuff that stays here in storage for the next few years, and stuff that goes with us for the next few weeks-3 or more months as we move into housing.

Good times.

For once in my life, I'm adopting John's motto and figure whatever doesn't get done, will eventually. Whatever doesn't? Meh.

Can't be bothered. Luke just grows and changes and takes up every second of every day with something new and fun, and we are trying to visit with as many as we can before we have to leave, so whatever happens, happens.

(Ignore the panic attack that is actually happening and pretend I really mean the above as coolly and calmly as it is written.)

So, I haven't updated Luke in two weeks. It's crazy how he's growing! He's in 3-6 months clothing, but busting at the seams, so we are moving into 6-9 months. He is 14 lbs., 14 oz. and that's the 26th%tile for weight. He is 25.5 inches and that's the 49th%tile for length. His head circumference was 16.5 and that was in the 21st%tile. He's long and lean, though I have to say, we've been calling him "Pudgsicle" and "Pudge Pop" because he's quite the chunkster, even though he is still a little under average for weight.

For us, he's perfect! He's growing, he's healthy, he's happy...he loves us and we love him. What more could we ask of him?

His grasp is rocking these days. He is picking up so many things! Won't be long before it's FOOD he's picking up!

He rolled over for the first time on Saturday the 28th! He hates tummy time so much that he decided he was done with it and rolled to the left. He can do that like nuts now, though it's sort of a game because every time I put him on his tummy, he rolls!

Now to work on back to tummy! He is often on his side, especially when sleeping, and every now and then practically makes it to his tummy, save his one little arm that he 'chicken wings' underneath him! That's ok...he's growing so quickly, there's NO rush on anything!

He still prefers to stand. All the time. I can't believe how balanced he is, for just five months. Unfortunately, that precludes him from sitting very much, so I am often forcing the sitting. He pushes, pushes, pushes those little legs to stand and I crack up. He also pushes his little legs and scrunches that little tushie when doing tummy time, so I bet he'll be up and scooting soon!

Hence, Scooter is another nickname!

Naps stink. Seriously. This kid will cat-nap a couple of times a morning (15-30 minutes if lucky) and then maybe a couple in the afternoon (more like 3 that are about 15-20 minutes or so, and those are rare!). He's not fussy and he seems to be ok on the sleep he's getting, so...guess I can't complain, but I just feel like he's more tired than he allows himself to sleep.

For the last two nights, he's *ruh-eeeaaaalllly* had a hard time going down and staying down. I think we are in the big-time throes of teething, though I don't feel anything. EVERYTHING goes to his mouth, he is a drooling fool and he gnaws on his paci instead of sucking it as much. Feeling like teeth are coming soon.

Wow. Where has my itty bitty Baby Kitty gone?

He's a few days away from 5 months and is so darned full and rosy and sweet I can't even stand it sometimes without feeling like I just have to gobble him up! Every time I do "Super Baby" with him (which he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES!) I just can't believe how big he is!!!

Each day seems to be so full of so much emotion still...so much fun and excitement with Luke as well as anticipation for being back at the beach and with so many of my sweet NC friends...but every night before I go to sleep, I get so choked up I can barely breathe as I think of this house being empty.

Yes, we'll be back.
I just know how hard it will be to see so much packed up and gone. This house...our church...our friends...the cemetery...they are all so tied together with Matthew. His life, his birth, his death, his memory.

I cry just typing it. Won't those packers think I'm a nutcase when they see me bawling my eyes out?

They probably won't be too far off...

Here are some pics from this week. I HATE uploading pictures to Blogger--it takes forever or I get error messages after I waited for forever, so...there may be lots more on Facebook than here....sorry!! I promise, he does amazingly cute things EVERY day!!!

The movers are coming WHEN?????????

Finally getting some hair on top!!!!

And then mommy goes and covers it....sigh....

Dimples are coming!! Dimples are coming!!!

Mommy says daddy digs me too!!!!

Well, that's the THIRD Bad Request, Error 400 I've gotten, so that's all for this week!!!


  1. Good luck with the move.... as always, Luke is just too cute!!!

  2. praying for you as you have to deal with the days ahead.
    SO did not realize that you're moving to NC!! So behind on my blog readings these days. :)

  3. Lori, I have had better luck emailing pics to my blog than trying to upload them. You can set your blog to allow email postings, then attach the pics to the email and send. You can then go in and post around the pics etc.

  4. Once again, he and Liam seem to be the same baby in most things!!! He is such a cute boy!!! I am sure the move will be emotional...I'll be praying for you!!!

  5. TOO CUTE! Good for you about trying not to stress. . . you will move, it will get done. Have fun with LUKE!

  6. My mantra over your moving: "I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry." I'll let you know if it ever starts working.

  7. Good luck with your move! I have sooo many military friends who have moved there or are in the process of moving to NC.
    Good luck on the naps. I am a big believer in naps...and my mantra is "sleep begets sleep". Hopefully Luke will get better with it!
    :) He is such a cutie!!!

  8. Ok, so seriously kinda funny, Kaitlyn was our first super baby, and we would play "super baby" with her where she gets to pretend to fly and she graduated to super big sister. Matthew was our Superman and Samantha is our newest Superbaby. While at six flags Thursday renewing our season passes, I saw Superbaby onesies and nearly busted into laughter in the middle of the store. I got the girl one, it is so cute and has a detachable cape and everything!

  9. Moving and packing just not fun for me...I hope it all goes well which I'm sure it will. Little Luke is getting so BIG! what a cutie!