Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Four Months...Sigh...

In church on Sunday, our pastor told a story in which he said he used the song "Don't Blink" by Kenney Chesney to illustrate just how fast time flies.

'Aint that the truth?

Luke turned 4 months last Wednesday! I still, in my head, count weeks (18!) but realize that he's getting to be such a big boy and when people ask how old he is, I guess I have to tell them, "Four months."


Of course I love him growing up and getting bigger, but MAN...it's too fast!

He is grabbing things so much these days--and they IMMEDIATELY go into his mouth. He puts everything...everything he can get his little hands on...in his mouth! He has always been pretty strong and pretty quickly was able to put his body weight on his legs, but now he really likes to just hold onto your fingers and stand/squat. It's a fun game with him and daddy!

Still uses his thumb, but not really to suck--more to gnaw. I check every day to see if anything is budding because with his gnawing and bubbles and drooling, I'd SWEAR he was teething, but so far, not yet. He certainly is Drooly-Drools-A lot, though!

We've started to put him in his high chair with us now at dinner. Just to start getting him used to it and allowing him to show interest in food, should that be the case. At first, he was a little unsure--but he seems to like it a good bit now, and enjoys all the toys on his tray.

When he can stay awake, that is...

He still isn't sleeping any certain times consistently. 99% of the time, he is out for the count by 9:00 pm and I can mostly count on at least a 4 hour stretch from feed to feed. In the last week, he actually had two nights where he went 8-9 hours. Then there were three nights where he was up about 4-5 times in one night! So...no consistency, but that's ok. Now that I am able to get a few stretches of 3-4 hours of sleep, sort of, I don't feel as sleep deprived. When he wakes up and won't settle back, even if I don't think he is hungry, I know I will never regret trying to see if he'll eat.

Too soon, those 3 am feedings...quiet time with a sweet baby boy...they'll be gone.
I'm glad I am sleeping a bit more because I can enjoy every second of that time...and I do.

He weighs about an ounce or two shy of 14 lbs. A lactation consultant told me that they look for babies to double birth weight by five months. Lukester doubled his at about 3 1/2! That said, he's still in the low end of the charts--about 26th%tile for weight. He's 25 inches, though, so he's in the 45th%tile for height, so he is sort of fulfilling that 'long and lean' prophecy.

He still hates tummy time, but it's good that he gets mad because that totally makes him rock back and forth. I really feel like it's only a matter of time and he's going to be rolling over. He's already learning how to roll to his side so he can watch tv when he's on his playmat! That little stinker will seek the tv out any way he can!!!!

Fine, mom...here's your stinking tummy time!

Whew...what a workout!

Naps pretty much stink these days. He just wakes himself up and can't settle himself back, so they often end up with him in my arms or the sling. He's all about the sling these days, which is good in that I can vacuum and do other things, but a toll on my back. Still looking for the perfect carrier--the Mei Tie and facsimiles thereof don't seem to thrill Luke. Carriers like the Snugli or Ergo work better for John; he doesn't seem to like them on me either. The ring sling is not too bad, but it stinks being short! For now, the slingling works and he likes being a Baby Joey!

I just adore him. Simply and truly, I adore him.

Here are some more pics from this week:

He likes being in this carrier with John...me, not so much!

Kick, kick, kick! I rock at this!
Don't let the spit-up fool you! Pastor Mark gave a GREAT message on Baby Dedication day!


  1. I can't believe he's already 4 months old! I love those chubby cheeks! Can't wait to meet him and see him in person!

  2. He just gets cuter and cuter as he grows!! I feel like 4 months was a huge turning point for us. That's when the twins started napping in their cribs consistently and got on a good schedule. It's also when I had Amelia cry it out (Juliette could already sleep an 11 hour stretch). This mommy couldn't take the 3am feeds anymore, but I've also never been one to do well on interrupted sleep! They truly do grow so fast (Alex will be in Kindergarten come August)...you are one amazingly awesome mom!

  3. Beautiful post Lori! My gosh, I have "Dont Blink" playing on my phone now. Has me in tears, that is SURELY the truth.

    This coming week I will have an EIGHT month old. Oh my WORD. I cannot believe it. I keep hugging Sadie and telling her I need to have this time before I know it you will be pushing me away saying "no mommy". Oh gosh, does time just FLY like the speed of lightening times a thousand around here. I hate it :( but I am anxious to see her grow, but I wish she could stay little forever. In my eyes, she and sweet Naomi will 'always be my baby'!

    Your family is beautiful! Sadie is just starting to want to pull herself up, she tries to on my legs, its so cute! Just wait, for little guy to start trying to get roll over, and get up, then the fun begins! haha. Love your posts!

  4. He is just so beautiful! I love getting to see all his lovely photos. Have you tried a Moby Wrap?

  5. Wonderful post! He is just precious :)

    Have you tried the Moby wrap? I just got one a few weeks ago and LOVE it. So much more comfortable than anything else I've tried.

  6. I am interested to hear what works for a sling for you. I registered for a few different ones, but have no clue what will work. We got the ergo for Sean b/c it will reach to his height and nothing else seemed to do that--he tried it with the little dog--hilarious!

    Luke is just too cute and you look AMAZING!!!!

  7. Slings - Riley hated them...but Ella did well in my HotSling. As for the napping - Riley would not sleep for naps on his crib. He did ok at night, didn't make it all night til 9 months, but he was really tiny (5/5 at birth). But he would sleep 1-2 hrs on me in the rocker. I had bo idea if he'd be my only so I decided I could give that time to him. I would get my water, a book, the remote, & the phone. We'd plop down and let him nap. I did that from about 3 mo til 9 or so. I LOVED that time. Couldn't do that with Ella since I had him still home all day and I missed it. Just saying that if you have to air and snuggle him for a good nap, don't let anyone say it's not a good idea!

    He is an absolute doll!!!

  8. Just wait until he reaches six months and you realize he's closer to his first birthday than the day you met him :( So glad you're preserving all these details and anecdotes for both your sakes. As for the napping and sleeping, remember that "this too shall pass" (which unfortunately also applies to all the fun stuff of this age). But you have so many wonderful things to look forward to. In my limited experience, the year between the first and second birthdays is the BEST. Just wait until he calls "Mama mama mama mama!" only to give you a huge toothy grin when you turn to see what he wants. Or he grabs your face with both his little hands and gives you a sweet (perhaps slobbery) kiss on the lips. Or he cracks himself up over the silliest little thing (like, um, poking his bellybutton) so you can't help but laugh along. So while it would be nice if the infant stage wasn't so fleeting, there are even better - if you can imagine - times to come. Can't wait to see what Luke comes up with!

  9. He's so darling! It's such a mixture of joy and sadness watching your kids grow up. So fun to reach each milestone, but knowing it will be a distant memory all too soon is just hard. Glad you are treasuring every moment, even the 3 am feedings!

  10. I would definitely recommend a wrap for you. I have several and they are much more comfortable with Declan and easy on my back. You might also want to try tummy to tummy in the ring sling. Can't believe our babies are so big!! And soo stinkin cute!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! He is so precious!!!!!!!!

    Yes...time goes far too quickly!

    Heather (heathershope - HP / GOL)

  12. Lori , he is growing up so so fast !!!
    I can't believe how much he has changed but he is still such a sweet adorable little boy.

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